Lifestyle and Wellbeing

Lifestyle  and  Wellbeing 

digital life, purposeful life, digital lifestyles, create digital lifestyle, good life habits, personal growth, wellbeing, healthy lifestyles, healthy lifestyle, mindset tips, lifestyle tips, digital experts academy, the six figure mentors, reg dontacheBoth young and mature adults come across various challenging situations at different stages in their lives. People face different circumstance and challenges at a certain stage in their lifespan. Many yearn to live life full of purpose and fulfilment. There is also a vast array of passions, ambitions, interests and most importantly uncovered talents in individuals that still need to be explored.

The Marslow Hierarchy of needs is a great lifestyle and wellbeing model of human needs known.

1.Physiological Needs
The basic and vital needs of our bare existence like access to nutritional foods, clean drinking water, fresh air and adequate rest and sleep. These are the primary needs in the order of what we need as physical beings, they precede other needs.
2.Need for Security
Every living person has a high regard for their safety and security and many have an idea of perfect security as safe physical environment and comfortable shelter, financial stability from stable income sources (the need for employment or self employment) and most importantly safe neighbourhoods.

3.Social needs

Men and women crave a sense of belonging, genuine feelings of affection and being loved. People have a strong need of being accepted and attached to a form of healthy relationship e.g friendship, romance, social inclusion, community membership and meeting of religious needs. Being part of families bring out a complete feeling of companionship.

4.Self Esteem needs
digital life, create your digital life, digital lifestyle, lifestyle and wellbeing, digital experts academy, the six fiure mentors, personal growth, personal development, People need to meet their needs for leisure, personal growth is a result of healthy mindsets. Ability to realise to their planned goals increase people sense of self worth and a social standing accomplishment.


5.Self-actualization needs
With this concept people become self-aware and interested in fulfilling their potential with less regard to others points of view. They strive for personal growth as their ultimate goal.

The Digital Experts Academy and The Six Figure Mentors do not only help profit financially, they deliver a comprehensive foundation of resources for improving the quality of ordinary people’s lives. Whether an individual is looking at a genuine way to learn practical strategies for creating a real income to they are simply wanting to change their career paths or consolidate on their current existing skills and passions.

The Digital Lifestyle created at The Six Figure Mentors and Digital Experts Academy may help people carve a life of their desire and passion. People are taught powerful new habits to fire their self actualisation and remove any obstacles that might be holding them back from reaching their high self.

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