Why Employee Digital Skills Are Crucial For Business Growth

digital innovation, online marketing skills, digital marketing skills, digital transformationThere are many advantages of having a digital skilled business team, able of maximising productivity with their understanding of digital platforms and approaches.

I would like to share the info below because output will increase when working teams attune their existing skills with the modern digital approach.

According to a report by a UK bank, UK small businesses are ‘not doing enough’ to develop employee digital competence.

On the survey of both workers and employers, they discovered that the average budget spends of small firms are £109 annually per employee on digital skills training – which puts them at risk of being well short of foreign competition.

Over (34%) of the businesses surveyed admitted they found it difficult to deliver the right training to digitally up-skill staff, and 45% said they felt their older employees were slower to pick up the required skillsets than younger recruits.

A report confirmed fears that UK small enterprises will be left behind in the digital revolution with 40% of small businesses having revealed that they rely on graduates and younger employers for their output.
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I think employee digital competence could be achieved with more digital skills training offered to remedy the shortage e.g. More flexible learning options like virtual training courses.

Companies will in the near future have their own bespoke digital training inhouse.

This will make job descriptions more flexible and aligned with business operational needs and role expectations will be met with the prescribed digital training.

The current team composition doesn’t need a change and older employees shouldn’t be replaced with young talent.

New Ideas
The younger ones with their sharpness and speed they bring in a new and fresh way thinking and creativity.

Therefore developing digital business skills must target all, younger apprentices, graduates and senior experienced team members are developed across the board.

How to improve skills for online marketing?

A business should set an annual budget for staff to attend training in digital skills and for business seminar attendance.

Membership to portals offering the latest online business skills training. This way cutting edge digital resources and technologies are made readily available for staffs.

The tailored digital courses should be made more relevant to various team roles, it will embedd the right mix of technology and expertise with more emphasis on indivIdualised lessons.

Lessons should show team members how to use digital technologies, improve role performance and production output. 


Subject matter experts can be summoned to assess the needs and devise bespoke digital training in portals packed with “online business training videos” that embody local company policies and existing procedures.

Virtual training environment online where quality systems can improve online marketing skills.


The pace at which the modern business transform and the constant evolving needs of consumers requires a competent workforce.

The neccessary digital skills faciliate the smooth functionining of teams. New approaches and innovations develop the growth of economy.

Which systems can improve your online marketing skills

There are many Virtual learning environments online where the latest cutting edge digital marketing skills are taught. The training platforms I recommend is squared online and six figure mentors.


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Six Figure Mentors Has Right Resources For Business Online

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Six Figure Mentors Digital Business System

It may be difficult for internet marketers to find the right foundations to succeed with a business online today.On the internet, there are many systems that are supposed to help people build a business online, but people end up confused and scammed due to many ineffective internet marketing strategies and systems out there.

Starting A Business with The Six Figure Mentors

Starting a business online is the most vulnerable period a newbie encounters, The risks are high as one doesn’t have the right knowledge and efficient tools of for starting the right way. Many online business starters do not have a clear and direct map and may end up feeling like they are spinning wheels at one point. There are a few genuine resources I want to share with you. One is The Six Figure Mentors Digital Business System.

The Six Figure Mentors Digital Business System

Online business starters are given clear directions and instructions to begin their journey on a right and productive track. The SFM system is well thought out and is comprised of all the essential resources and tools to get anyone up and running in a short space of time.

Digital Skills at The Six Figure Mentors

The SFM digital business system is a versatile system that’s very easy to use for internet marketers of various experience. They have removed all problems that new marketers used to come across when starting a website business online.

The period where people used to figure out things on their own when they start a web business often with limited support is over, online business starters now have an opportunity to collaborate with both experienced and intermediate business owners on the six figure mentors community.

The SFM Digital Business System is tailor made for all levels including less technical internet entrepreneurs to just plug in and start sharing quality and useful content to their targeted field. What makes the right foundation is the carefully structured platform to deliver online business skills by the industry leading digital marketing experts and the six figure mentors.

What makes the right foundation is the carefully structured platform to deliver online business skills by the industry leading digital marketing experts and the six figure mentors.


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