Why Employee Digital Skills Are Crucial For Business Growth

digital innovation, online marketing skills, digital marketing skills, digital transformationThere are many advantages of having a digital skilled business team, able of maximising productivity with their understanding of digital platforms and approaches.

I would like to share the info below because output will increase when working teams attune their existing skills with the modern digital approach.

According to a report by a UK bank, UK small businesses are ‘not doing enough’ to develop employee digital competence.

On the survey of both workers and employers, they discovered that the average budget spends of small firms are £109 annually per employee on digital skills training – which puts them at risk of being well short of foreign competition.

Over (34%) of the businesses surveyed admitted they found it difficult to deliver the right training to digitally up-skill staff, and 45% said they felt their older employees were slower to pick up the required skillsets than younger recruits.

A report confirmed fears that UK small enterprises will be left behind in the digital revolution with 40% of small businesses having revealed that they rely on graduates and younger employers for their output.
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I think employee digital competence could be achieved with more digital skills training offered to remedy the shortage e.g. More flexible learning options like virtual training courses.

Companies will in the near future have their own bespoke digital training inhouse.

This will make job descriptions more flexible and aligned with business operational needs and role expectations will be met with the prescribed digital training.

The current team composition doesn’t need a change and older employees shouldn’t be replaced with young talent.

New Ideas
The younger ones with their sharpness and speed they bring in a new and fresh way thinking and creativity.

Therefore developing digital business skills must target all, younger apprentices, graduates and senior experienced team members are developed across the board.

How to improve skills for online marketing?

A business should set an annual budget for staff to attend training in digital skills and for business seminar attendance.

Membership to portals offering the latest online business skills training. This way cutting edge digital resources and technologies are made readily available for staffs.

The tailored digital courses should be made more relevant to various team roles, it will embedd the right mix of technology and expertise with more emphasis on indivIdualised lessons.

Lessons should show team members how to use digital technologies, improve role performance and production output. 


Subject matter experts can be summoned to assess the needs and devise bespoke digital training in portals packed with “online business training videos” that embody local company policies and existing procedures.

Virtual training environment online where quality systems can improve online marketing skills.


The pace at which the modern business transform and the constant evolving needs of consumers requires a competent workforce.

The neccessary digital skills faciliate the smooth functionining of teams. New approaches and innovations develop the growth of economy.

Which systems can improve your online marketing skills

There are many Virtual learning environments online where the latest cutting edge digital marketing skills are taught. The training platforms I recommend is squared online and six figure mentors.


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Six Figure Mentors Has Right Resources For Business Online

Six Figure Mentors Has Right Resources For Business Onlinesix figure mentors, six figure mentors digital business system, online business starters, digital business, digital skills

Six Figure Mentors Digital Business System

It may be difficult for internet marketers to find the right foundations to succeed with a business online today.On the internet, there are many systems that are supposed to help people build a business online, but people end up confused and scammed due to many ineffective internet marketing strategies and systems out there.

Starting A Business with The Six Figure Mentors

Starting a business online is the most vulnerable period a newbie encounters, The risks are high as one doesn’t have the right knowledge and efficient tools of for starting the right way. Many online business starters do not have a clear and direct map and may end up feeling like they are spinning wheels at one point. There are a few genuine resources I want to share with you. One is The Six Figure Mentors Digital Business System.

The Six Figure Mentors Digital Business System

Online business starters are given clear directions and instructions to begin their journey on a right and productive track. The SFM system is well thought out and is comprised of all the essential resources and tools to get anyone up and running in a short space of time.

Digital Skills at The Six Figure Mentors

The SFM digital business system is a versatile system that’s very easy to use for internet marketers of various experience. They have removed all problems that new marketers used to come across when starting a website business online.

The period where people used to figure out things on their own when they start a web business often with limited support is over, online business starters now have an opportunity to collaborate with both experienced and intermediate business owners on the six figure mentors community.

The SFM Digital Business System is tailor made for all levels including less technical internet entrepreneurs to just plug in and start sharing quality and useful content to their targeted field. What makes the right foundation is the carefully structured platform to deliver online business skills by the industry leading digital marketing experts and the six figure mentors.

What makes the right foundation is the carefully structured platform to deliver online business skills by the industry leading digital marketing experts and the six figure mentors.


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7 Online Marketing Campaign Tools For Digital

digital marketing training, internet marketers, digital business skills, Dbl, online businessOnline marketing campaign tools come in various types and functions. Good marketing tools enhance a solid online presence for web businesses. I would like to share the following resources for building marketing campaigns online


1.Digital business lounge

A website creator full of powerful internet marketing tools. The Dbl has email, word press platform, numerous themes, link shortener, video customizer, landing page builder and a domain purchasing and web hosting service. The digital business lounge should be in every marketer resource of online marketing campaign tools.

2.Graphix creator

Graphics and images can help improve the delivery of promotional marketing messages. Internet marketers can use Graphix creator to design marketing materials for the online business campaigns. Corresponding business ideas can be adapted to different marketing mediums like infographics, display advertising and images.

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3.Tidy URL link shortener

Effective online marketing campaign tools can attract the right type of clients to a web business. One of the customer needs is safety online, they are likely to leave their card details on web pages from safe links. A clear, safe and keyworded link builds trust on customers. The tidy url link builder works in the same way as other link shorteners. Internet marketers can now create short and safe link for various web property.



1454552407_blogrollFor an online business service, developing a website with relevant and unique content meet the needs of customers. A business can easily share valuable content and specialised services for clients with a choice of 22 easy to switch and customise wordpress themes. The Dbl hosting allows installation for multiple website, install wordpress with just one click of a button.

5.Simple Lead Capture Page

Efficient funnels are components of online marketing campaign tools and marketing campaigns. The simple lead capture page creates relevant marketing pages, funnels. It has a storage library for all your forms and images.

graphix creator, tidyurl, simple lead capture, digital marketing training, online marketing campaign toolsSimpletrakk reveals the most profitable campaigns. Track the customer journey through your funnel and their behaviour on different web pages. Split test the impact of different marketing pages and scale up on those that attract more conversions and goals.




Offering and planning clients appointments for online business consultants has never been easier with this brilliant scheduling tool. Clients can book appointments and leave their details, it also have an option for taking payments. Vcita helps take the services of both clients and small business consultants further.

The digital business lounge gives online marketers a quick solution for completing tasks and I think it falls into the category of efficient online marketing campaign tools.

Digital Marketing: 5 Crucial Tips To Effective Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: 5 Crucal Tips To Effective Digital Marketing

Research precedes digital marketing

digitalmarkerting, digital, marketing, engagement, digital reach, digital marketing channelsI think before a business can even come up with a content strategy or tailor the type of content they think their customers might like. They should do a proper research and ensure they have a good insight of their targeted audience’s needs and interests. For exampe a product could be associated to their targeted users interests using adaptive content. Such a product could be related with the latest news as part of dynamic marketing where there is a connection between product and current affairs. Good Ads that use this type of approach are seasonal ads often made just prior to big sporting events.

Engagement is crucial in digital marketing

Focusing on short stories or vidoe clips of not having a particular product could be used to increase engagement from fans and potential customers. A funny interesting aspect of what might happen if someone does not have the convenience that comes with having the product. Engagement could also be increase with hugging hashtags with keywords that a business users may like.

Digital Marketing Channels

Other marketing channels should be effectively used as well as sharing good entertaining content for fans in the social space with up to the minute updates. Mixing up humour and educational messages to give brand fans a solution is a great digital marketing strategy for increasing customer satisfaction. Today there are many opportunities and areas for brands to utilise like G+,Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and You Tube.


Digital Reach

digital marketing strategy, digital marketing, digital marketing strategiesA service can be efficiently distributed to far reaching levels with the proper use of digital channels like i have mentioned above. It’s a must for a business that embraces digital marketing strategies to make it’s webpages adaptable and take advantage of the interconnectivity of different mobile devices for growing their market penetration. It is important to optimise for mobile and social and have services reachable on all multidevice screens.

Analyse and Intensify

The most benefiting digital marketing teams use incisive tools to study their most successful patterns. These results help them fix where their campaigns previously did not work. With the right tools they analyse, intensify and develop a far sight for bringing future profits for their business.


Digital Business Grows With Optimised Digital Marketing

iphone5layingrt_600x400Digital business grows with optimised digital marketing channels and the ability of products to excite and satisfy consumers. The sign of happy engaged clients is the main benchmark and sign that business is giving a quality service. The idea of applying customer surveys and elicit the customer’s needs and interest gives power to consumers. Digital marketing has introduced many ways technology could be utilised for promoting pleasant customer experiences 24 hours around the clock.

Effective Digital Channels

Business service delivery today is done efficiently with powerful far reaching channels that connects consumers with what they want at the right time and place. This digital route is carefully planned through effective digital business strategies that give more value than the consumer anticipates. Digital business channels are identified, tracked and measured so that pleasing transactions between business and consumer are nurtured. We have seen the relationship of the client and brand developed from one of dealings over the counter straight to the email box, client’s social network space and audio visual preference.

Promotional Messages

Below i would like to share three ways a business can use for delivering promotional marketing messages.

Social platforms like Facebook and Twitter can be used to engage and quiz clients regarding the favourite aspects of a product or service they like, and the collected data used to create a fulfilling and pleasnt service. The prompt response to inquiries and suggestions will develop good relationships.

You Tube video publishing platform is a great means of connecting further. Publishing regular content in these video sharing sites for the purpose of building a community and following for business.

Blogs/Website-Where the content that educate and inspire clients on the brand website is ideal for increasing a business presence and authority. The audience are likely to return for more when they are given the right value they want.

Audio messages- Podcasts have become popular with clients who like to consume data by listening to audiobooks and podcasts on their portable audio devices




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Digital Marketing Influenced by Smartphone Activity

digital marketing strategy affected by mobile internet usage  

digital marketing, digital marketing strategy, mobile internet usage, smartphone activityMobile has become a huge connector of consumers and business in the past two years. Today many people have the use of smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices to access the internet and even make enquiries regarding products. With the current prominence and popularity of mobile internet device, it’s crucial for business to integrate with mobile apps. It shows how the behaviors of customers can be a direct influence to their digital marketing.


Mobile use statistics below reveal the Uk population’s behaviour on the usage of the internet.

  • In 2014, 38 million adults (76%) in Great Britain accessed the Internet every day, 21 million more than in 2006, when directly comparable records began.
  • Access to the Internet using a mobile phone more than doubled between 2010 and 2014, from 24% to 58%.
  • In 2014, 74% of all adults bought goods or services online, up from 53% in 2008. Clothes (49%) were the most popular online purchase in 2014.

Some activities people do when accessing the internet with a smartphone:


  • Watch a movie or video on video publishing sites

Video is an efficient channel which business could use to reach out to their potential clients.

  • Browse social media sites

The potential is unlimited in which business can engage with their consumers on social sites.

  • Search for products and info on the web

A good practice to do is developing mobile friendly websites and applications that can drive a business forward. Making blogs clear and readable and the tabs easy to use will keep web visitors longer on sites.

Activities on Smartphone for 7 days


digital, digital marketing, mobile marketing, mobile strategyAn insight from our mobile planet with google above gives and idea how mobile activity can influence digital marketing strategies as it reveals the activities of smartphone owners and their behaviour using the internet. Over a 7 days period nearly 30 percent of the UK population used mobile to search for products on search engines and over 45 percent used the internet from their smartphones. It shows how important the accessibility of websites through mobile must be regarded by business. Consumers behaviour has changed with the functionality of mobile internet devices. Making sales pages and product information reachable through mobile internet devices could boost the sales and conversions for business. This together with the ability of consumers to instantly access a service and download products on their smartphones is a great boost for digital marketing.


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Digital Business Skills Generate Business Growth

Digital Business Skills From Digital Experts Academy Can Build Income

digital business lounge, digital experts academy, digital marketing training, six figure mentors, sfm, the digital experts academy, the sfm system for working from home, digital marketing, digital business mentor, digital business techniques, online business skills, internet marketing skills, create your digital lifeDigital Business Skills: So many men and women searching for a solution to their cash flow problems are now supplementing their income on the internet using digital business skills learned from entrepreneurial development courses at places like Digital Experts Academy. Where there are countless opportunities available. You can start your own business, receive training on how to promote affiliate products, or guidance to start a lifestyle business. Below, you’ll find great tips and 121 help to start on your journey.

Digital Business Skills Category

It can be very time consuming to learn business skills on the internet especially if you have to test and identify the most effective strategies. At the Digital Experts Academy you find experts to coach you on starting a solid online business and you are covered in compliance and legality issues once you sign up for their for their digital marketing training. You are offered new opportunities weekly to accumulate recent and efficiency tested digital business skills that are applicable or adaptable to any business category online. You are introduced to a professional system that develops essential digital business skills you will ever need for your business success.

Mentors In Digital Business Skills

digital business training resources, digital business lounge, digital experts academy, digital marketing training, six figure mentors, sfm, the digital experts academy, the sfm system for working from home, digital marketing, digital business mentor, digital business techniques, online business skills, internet marketing skills, create your digital life, If you certainly make use of their expert advice of mentors in digital business skills and follow what they teach it will be extremely helpful when you are attempting to earn money on the internet. The Digital Experts Academy has knowledgeable accomplished digital entrepreneurs in various fields of business willing to assist you in reaching your goals, To benefit more you will need to take advantage of their various digital business training resources. Doing this will ensure that you have a great start.

Digital Business Profile

You should be ready to offer proof of your identity when learning digital business skills and pursuing online work. You are expected to provide valid identification at various social networking and forum websites. If you do not have an appropriate digital copy of your ID and other information, you may start the wrong way with your digital business with profiles. The Digital Experts Academy and The Six Figure Mentors ensure you publish a true and relevant profile that best describes what you do.

Write About Your Skills

digital business lounge, digital experts academy, digital marketing training, six figure mentors, sfm, the digital experts academy, the sfm system for working from home, digital marketing, digital business mentor, digital business techniques, online business skills, internet marketing skills, create your digital life, A new blogging website allocated to you by the DEA when you start offers you an opportunity to write about your skills while you are creating your digital life. Writing blogs is very popular way to make money online this period. Many people out there have an area of expertise in their lives or a valuable viewpoint to share, and they will find that they can earn some cash when sharing what they love. People can write about their experiences in the area where they have knowledge and skills and build a good following and readership in their business blogs. At the DEA you have an opportunity to develop and later write about the digital business skills you have learned.

Build Your Business Legitimately

The Digital Experts Academy will ensure that your online endeavors are built on integrity. As your online reputation is likely to follow you indefinitely and may even cause you problems in the future if online authorities do not approve of your activities. Although mistakes happen from time to time, you will need to ensure that you are not inadvertently engaging in illegal conduct which can surely be bad in the long run. The digital business skills taught guides you through a legitimate way to build your online business with The Six Figure Mentors.

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Digital Business Lounge Develops Digital Business Skills

The DEA is one of the few places you can develop excellent digital business skills online whilst at the same time earning an income, but you’ll have to understand the basics, apply the courses you learn and remain hard working throughout your assignments. You will find a lot of value in the tutorial videos within the digital business lounge to definitely get you going. You may use what you have learned to build a cashflow to supplement your income. To your success and good luck with DEA digital business skills.