Online marketing campaign tools for increasing customer acquisition

online marketing campaign metrics, online marketing campaign kpi's, online digital marketing campaigns, digital marketing, analyticsOnline marketing campaign tools present business services in front of the right consumers. Picking the right tools increase the likelihood of campaigns to reach users in demand of products. It’s crucial to start with good research of the market at the initial stage for marketing campaigns to stand a better chance pulling profits.

1.Serving Customers Right Products 

Today internet marketers have access to various tools for unearthing the right keywords, a resource like Google keyword planner is very useful for connecting the users with appropriate services. Opening an AdWords account gives online business owners access to this keyword tool or partnering with an Adwords expert improves a business keyword research and it’s success of marketing campaigns. The right keyword research and analytics can improve the return on investment and reduce online marketing campaign costs.

Consumers research for products whilst on the go, The information gathered from consumer barometer by Google below reveals the customer behaviour on their mobile internet devices. Mobile friendly websites and optimised mobile campaigns give business more ability to reach the clients at the moment that matter, this can trigger what the consumer barometer call “i want to buy moments”. When clients are searching for their favourite brand, products or just reading reviews. Showing products at the right moment help clients to realise these “i want to buy moments”.

consumerbehaviourThe idea of making content consumable in a range of mobile devices enhance business services and help serve consumers with what they want at their moment of need. Google AdWords for mobile is an effective marketing method for growing business with display ads. 

2.Adwords and Analytics online marketing campaign tools

There are various and powerful digital marketing campaign tools online, that can enhance business growth, a large number of successful marketing teams use a digital approach that entails both Adwords and Google analytics. Together with a combination of the right profitable keywords and accurate measurements, these resources deliver the true impact of campaigns and workable insights on potential customer behaviour, show where website visitors arrive from when landing at different pages and from which devices. 

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Online marketing campaign tools

The analytics also reveal social traffic on web page social buttons. All the customer touch points are revealed from paid keywords and organic keywords. A great feature I like with analytics is the ability to produce a comprehensive report from the insights. There is a lot that analytics can tell a campaign monitor regarding marketing efforts and areas for future improvement. Marketing teams should take advantage of free marketing campaign management tools when crafting efficient marketing strategy.

3.Landing Page

A well structured landing page helps the service connect with potential clients. Another good use is to clearly show the promise a service has for consumers. The SimpleLead capture page take customers to appropriate web pages so they understand the benefits of using products. I think that appropriate keywords and an effective value promise can make a landing page work better especially when they are congruent with what customers are searching for. Landing pages engage and connect customers with suitable products when they search online.

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4.Link monitoring and tracking codes

Link monitoring and tracking can be used to reveal info for improving online marketing campaign kpi’s. Safely tracking the activity of potential customers clicking on your campaign using a link tracking tool like TidyUrl can help you gain great insights. It allows the insertion of a unique code in the links and makes monitoring the flow of traffic through your web pages easy and measurable. Another very secure way of protecting your links from being altered and your commissions lost is to use tidyurl.


Video can go viral on publishing sites, smartphones and tablets. It remains one of the effective methods of market campaigns. Business should advertise on Youtube using pay per click on your video. It allows for split video testing, optimisation, and monitoring for conversions or views. Video marketers can play with some metrics like changing of keywords and view times on the same video and can also pick other dimensions that bring better views and conversions.

6.Social media anaytics 2016-04-05 17-28-15There are various listening tools for measuring the activity on social media pages. Efficient online marketing campaign incorporates social channels, a tool like social mention give a business an idea of their popularity at different places online like FriendFeed,Digg, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

7.Content used for marketing

Content is a crucial component of marketing, It can’t be left out of the online marketing campaign plan. Quality information drives the message and deliver the product. Writing content can build or delay marketing campaigns. Creating content regarding a topic or subject can be expanded, the topic could be approached from a different angle or situation to make it very interesting and relevant to the current needs of the consumers. The best way to contribute to serve the right service to mobile internet device users is to understand and build from online marketing campaign metrics.




Six Figure Mentors Has Right Resources For Business Online

Six Figure Mentors Has Right Resources For Business Online

six figure mentors, digital business lounge, digital business system, internet marketing, digital business mentors, It may be difficult for some internet marketers to find the right foundations to succeed with a business online today. On the internet there are many systems that are supposed to help people build a business online, but people end up confused and scammed due to ineffective internet marketing strategies and systems out there.

Starting A Business with Six Figure Mentors

Starting a business online is the most vulnerable period a newbie encounters, The risks of internet markers getting conned are high due to very limited knowledge on picking the right product. They may easily follow systems that don’t work and there are many out there with no clear and direct map towards reaching goals. The potential business owners will end up feeling like they are spinning wheels at one point.

The Six Figure Mentors Digital Business System gives clear directions and instructions to help new starters begin their journey on a right and productive track. The SFM system is a well thought after and is comprised of the essential resources and tools to get anyone up and running in a short space of time

Some More About Six Figure Mentors

The SFM is a versatile system that is easy to use for internet marketers of various experience. It has removed all problems and difficulties that new marketers come across when starting a website business online. The period where people used to work alone when they started their web business with limited support is over.

The SFM Digital Business System is tailor made for all levels including less technical internet entrepreneurs to just plug in and start sharing quality and useful content to their targeted fields. What makes the right foundation is the carefully structured platform to deliver online business skills by the industry leading digital marketing experts and mentors from the Six Figure mentors.

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Six Figure Mentors Help You Save on Outsourcing

Six Figure Mentors Help You Save on Outsourcing

The six figure mentors digital business training system empowers entrepreneurs with the skills to execute online business tasks they would normally outsource.
How to avoid outsourcing and drive your expend down

1.Six Figure Mentors Give Training in essential skills

Getting skilled in doing the jobs helps drive the costs down and keep a business operations in-house. The SFM introduce their students to a wide range of new internet marketing technologies and tools to develop their online business skills.

2. Comprehensive products with the Six Figure Mentors

A comprehensive product like the digital business lounge which is made up of all the core internet marketing tools in one place is an ideal resource to advance an internet entrepreneurs skills. This internet marketing system has services like hosting, wordpress 101, campaign tracking tools and a lead capture page making software, just to mention a few of its advantages.

3.Internet business technologies with Six Figure mentors

The use of internet business technology may help many to leverage their business online. The use of both a hands on approach and automation save valuable time and increase productivity. Investing in digital marketing resources, marketing tools and training available with the Six Figure Mentors membership definitely will save money to put a business together and release some for advertising.

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I found a the following article  briefly describing the Six Figure Mentors System on

An all new income generating system has been released through the Six Figure Mentors program. Many people have already discovered that they can quickly generate revenue using this program. The income derived from the program will largely be driven by commissions. This will give people the ability to essential determine the amount of money that they make from the program. The Six Figure Mentors business system has already drawn in a lot of attention from investors from around the world. This is owing in part because it has been optimized and designed to help people from all backgrounds develop the independent investment skills that they need.

The program itself was created by Stuart Ross. Stuart Ross got his start in property investment and has honed his skills in marketing there. Now he has translated those marketing skills to a new online environment, made available through the Six Figure Marketing program. Stuart Ross is committed to helping everyone develop the skills that they need to be successful at this venture. It has already proven to be a success for thousands of users located all over the world. The underlying system has been tested and honed over time to help people learn understand the basics of the program. If anyone is interested in becoming a successful entrepreneur like Stuart Ross, then they need to check out this program soon.

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The core of the Six Figure Mentors program will include a series of 12 separate training courses. This will get people prepared to deal with all of the challenges associated with generating revenue in an online format. The training starts with developing a foundation, upon which other marketing approaches can be set. This will ensure that people will be able to customize their own unique marketing approach. Stuart Ross and the designers of the Six Figure Mentors program have an in-depth understanding of how this system should be used. They will be able to explain the basics in a way that is simply easy to grasp. For anyone new the the field of marketing, this will be a welcome change of pace.

I shared the above article to elaborate further on the The Six Figure Mentors and hope you have enjoyed it. The Six Figure Mentors guide entrepreneurs through the essential steps of building a business online. Their digital business system give internet marketers the tools, marketing training and the fundamental resources to create a solid online business.

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Build Lists With Simple Lead Capture Page

Build Lists With Simple Lead Capture Page

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The lead capture page builder will help entrepreneurs to connect their business with the right clients and expand the size of their prospects. Here is an opportunity to create beautiful landing pages that could be easily made congruent with the type of offer promoted and the colour schemes of your banners and website.

Simple Lead Capture Page

With easy text edit function an entrepreneur can start editing their communication and relay a relevant message regarding the products they want to showcase. Effective business communication is essential for an internet business to flourish. Lead capture page software helps build beautiful contact form for all business niches.

Generate Leads With Simple Lead Capture Page

Simple lead capture page can increase the chance for an internet marketer to generate leads. One of the secrets to generating a recurring income whilst running an online business is owning a quality list of contacts. The simple lead capture page is a great tool for internet marketers to engage their prospective customers especially as it allows the internet marketer to customise the content before publishing and makes it laser targeted to their intended audience.

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Starting A Home Business With The Six Figure Mentors

Starting A Home Business With The Six Figure Mentors

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Starting a home business with six figure mentors might be a wise decision if you have always dreamed of having a business, it is one of the best in creating a business online. Setting up a home business is smart to do if you have done a fair amount research beforehand and have an idea what to expect.


Opting for the SFM may save one time of going through the extensive research, the Six Figure Mentors is a brilliant system for starting a home business without the need of conventional business plans. Starting a home business with the Six Figure Mentors helps people to start up fast . The support dept at SFM promptly set up new member’s marketing systems and take care of legal aspects of their online business. People will be buying into a system where they will be taught step by step all the aspects of running a home business.


Starting a home business with the Six Figure Mentors does not require a person to be qualified to degree, matriculation or A levels. Previous home business experience is not necessary as clear instructional tutorials available through the SFM membership, will teach anyone with a computer and internet connection how to build an online business.

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There are quite a few membership options offered at entry level into the SFM system. Starting a home business with the Six Figure Mentors gives an entrepreneur basic membership, there is also a great opportunity to scale even further if they decide to join the Digital Experts Academy with memberships progressing from Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black.


When working from home, a business owner can easily get isolated working alone. It’s important to feel part of a community when running a business from home , thats where to get support and new ideas when creating a strong online presence for business. One of the benefits of starting a home business with the Six Figure Mentors is the support you get from others members in their community.


It can be quite profitable to build a home business. Finding the right source of business marketing courses surely gives an advantage and increase the chance of success. Developing good web marketing skills and great income can be accomplished from starting a home business with the six figure mentors.

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