Online marketing campaign tools for increasing customer acquisition

online marketing campaign metrics, online marketing campaign kpi's, online digital marketing campaigns, digital marketing, analyticsOnline marketing campaign tools present business services in front of the right consumers. Picking the right tools increase the likelihood of campaigns to reach users in demand of products. It’s crucial to start with good research of the market at the initial stage for marketing campaigns to stand a better chance pulling profits.

1.Serving Customers Right Products 

Today internet marketers have access to various tools for unearthing the right keywords, a resource like Google keyword planner is very useful for connecting the users with appropriate services. Opening an AdWords account gives online business owners access to this keyword tool or partnering with an Adwords expert improves a business keyword research and it’s success of marketing campaigns. The right keyword research and analytics can improve the return on investment and reduce online marketing campaign costs.

Consumers research for products whilst on the go, The information gathered from consumer barometer by Google below reveals the customer behaviour on their mobile internet devices. Mobile friendly websites and optimised mobile campaigns give business more ability to reach the clients at the moment that matter, this can trigger what the consumer barometer call “i want to buy moments”. When clients are searching for their favourite brand, products or just reading reviews. Showing products at the right moment help clients to realise these “i want to buy moments”.

consumerbehaviourThe idea of making content consumable in a range of mobile devices enhance business services and help serve consumers with what they want at their moment of need. Google AdWords for mobile is an effective marketing method for growing business with display ads. 

2.Adwords and Analytics online marketing campaign tools

There are various and powerful digital marketing campaign tools online, that can enhance business growth, a large number of successful marketing teams use a digital approach that entails both Adwords and Google analytics. Together with a combination of the right profitable keywords and accurate measurements, these resources deliver the true impact of campaigns and workable insights on potential customer behaviour, show where website visitors arrive from when landing at different pages and from which devices. 

anylitics, online marketing campaign tools, campaign tools,online marketing campaign
Online marketing campaign tools

The analytics also reveal social traffic on web page social buttons. All the customer touch points are revealed from paid keywords and organic keywords. A great feature I like with analytics is the ability to produce a comprehensive report from the insights. There is a lot that analytics can tell a campaign monitor regarding marketing efforts and areas for future improvement. Marketing teams should take advantage of free marketing campaign management tools when crafting efficient marketing strategy.

3.Landing Page

A well structured landing page helps the service connect with potential clients. Another good use is to clearly show the promise a service has for consumers. The SimpleLead capture page take customers to appropriate web pages so they understand the benefits of using products. I think that appropriate keywords and an effective value promise can make a landing page work better especially when they are congruent with what customers are searching for. Landing pages engage and connect customers with suitable products when they search online.

onlinemarketingcampaigntools, simpleleadcapture, tidyurl

4.Link monitoring and tracking codes

Link monitoring and tracking can be used to reveal info for improving online marketing campaign kpi’s. Safely tracking the activity of potential customers clicking on your campaign using a link tracking tool like TidyUrl can help you gain great insights. It allows the insertion of a unique code in the links and makes monitoring the flow of traffic through your web pages easy and measurable. Another very secure way of protecting your links from being altered and your commissions lost is to use tidyurl.


Video can go viral on publishing sites, smartphones and tablets. It remains one of the effective methods of market campaigns. Business should advertise on Youtube using pay per click on your video. It allows for split video testing, optimisation, and monitoring for conversions or views. Video marketers can play with some metrics like changing of keywords and view times on the same video and can also pick other dimensions that bring better views and conversions.

6.Social media anaytics 2016-04-05 17-28-15There are various listening tools for measuring the activity on social media pages. Efficient online marketing campaign incorporates social channels, a tool like social mention give a business an idea of their popularity at different places online like FriendFeed,Digg, Google, Facebook, Twitter and Youtube.

7.Content used for marketing

Content is a crucial component of marketing, It can’t be left out of the online marketing campaign plan. Quality information drives the message and deliver the product. Writing content can build or delay marketing campaigns. Creating content regarding a topic or subject can be expanded, the topic could be approached from a different angle or situation to make it very interesting and relevant to the current needs of the consumers. The best way to contribute to serve the right service to mobile internet device users is to understand and build from online marketing campaign metrics.




7 Online Marketing Campaign Tools For Digital

digital marketing training, internet marketers, digital business skills, Dbl, online businessOnline marketing campaign tools come in various types and functions. Good marketing tools enhance a solid online presence for web businesses. I would like to share the following resources for building marketing campaigns online


1.Digital business lounge

A website creator full of powerful internet marketing tools. The Dbl has email, word press platform, numerous themes, link shortener, video customizer, landing page builder and a domain purchasing and web hosting service. The digital business lounge should be in every marketer resource of online marketing campaign tools.

2.Graphix creator

Graphics and images can help improve the delivery of promotional marketing messages. Internet marketers can use Graphix creator to design marketing materials for the online business campaigns. Corresponding business ideas can be adapted to different marketing mediums like infographics, display advertising and images.

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3.Tidy URL link shortener

Effective online marketing campaign tools can attract the right type of clients to a web business. One of the customer needs is safety online, they are likely to leave their card details on web pages from safe links. A clear, safe and keyworded link builds trust on customers. The tidy url link builder works in the same way as other link shorteners. Internet marketers can now create short and safe link for various web property.



1454552407_blogrollFor an online business service, developing a website with relevant and unique content meet the needs of customers. A business can easily share valuable content and specialised services for clients with a choice of 22 easy to switch and customise wordpress themes. The Dbl hosting allows installation for multiple website, install wordpress with just one click of a button.

5.Simple Lead Capture Page

Efficient funnels are components of online marketing campaign tools and marketing campaigns. The simple lead capture page creates relevant marketing pages, funnels. It has a storage library for all your forms and images.

graphix creator, tidyurl, simple lead capture, digital marketing training, online marketing campaign toolsSimpletrakk reveals the most profitable campaigns. Track the customer journey through your funnel and their behaviour on different web pages. Split test the impact of different marketing pages and scale up on those that attract more conversions and goals.




Offering and planning clients appointments for online business consultants has never been easier with this brilliant scheduling tool. Clients can book appointments and leave their details, it also have an option for taking payments. Vcita helps take the services of both clients and small business consultants further.

The digital business lounge gives online marketers a quick solution for completing tasks and I think it falls into the category of efficient online marketing campaign tools.

Internet Marketing Resources For Boosting Engagement

Internet marketing resources increase the online presence of a business in the search engines. Many flexible and dynamic internet marketers like a simple to use and time-saving resource.

1.Digital Business Lounge: The digital business lounge has tools for building an online business from websites, landing pages and engaging marketing graphics.

2.Online video: Advertising on video publishing platforms give a service more penetration and reach to a wide audience.

3.Content: Create websites for your online business and share useful content for your audience using WordPress 101. The use of good internet marketing resources can help format content that promotes engagement with clients. There are 22 themes inside the digital business lounge WordPress 101 to match different tastes and levels of creativity.

4.Tidyurl link: Link shortening software allows marketers build custom links and cloak specific links. If you would like to supercharge your marketing and share them simultaneously  at more places on the web, use tidyurl to attach social media bar to your URLs’. Assign labels to your links and make seo better, it’s good to have labels correspond with your keywords.

5.Simple lead capture page

To make online advertising and marketing initiatives far better, internet marketers should try the current untested methods. Give attention to website landing pages and make them relevant to the interest of visitors. The simple lead capture page builder allows the creation of niche specific and custom-made landing page

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Far Reaching Marketing Strategies For Digital Business

marketing strategies for digital business, digital marketing channels, digital business, Marketing strategies for digital business can accelerate campaigns, with so many marketing channels it’s crucial; to build a digital marketing strategy aligned to the specific needs of your clients. An efficient strategy gives your business a competitive edge especially a value promise that reassures your customers and meets their expectations. Go all out to improve the experience of your clients. Use appropriate tools for looking into shopping habits and behaviours of shoppers. It helps refine your targeting.



Creativity is the best way for building more value to your services. I want to share some tips below and hope they benefit you. A business should pick a platform capable of flowing into popular marketing routes. This could increase the awareness of your services and make them reach a wide market on different screens and mobile internet devices.

Optimise marketing strategies for digital business through analysing the right data. There are some data sources like the online and multiscreen world by Google below. It reveals how today’s smart shopper uses the internet for purchasing goods and the internet devices they use to search for their needs.consumer-barometer-graph-986baf07-4d64-47e4-aba0-d16640e34180

One resource I like is display advertising, it gives marketers a great potential to retarget clients and convert them into buyers. Google display network has various useful tools for display campaigns, an option for trying different formats, tracking and campaign measurements.

Digital Marketing

digital business, digital marketing strategies,

Keeping up to pace with the evolving nature of modern business and developing the creative may set the trends and grows your business. A good assessment of your business development needs can be done using input from outside, but strategy and employee development plan must be done in-house.

Would you hire people with the skills from outside or would you develop in-house. It’s important to have in mind the skills for your ideal digital marketing team and tailor employee training according to your business needs. The most important component of a marketing assignment is accurate and across the board analytics. It’s always a good practice to try either Google or Bing, leading advertisers to handle your ads and measure your campaign insights.

Executing your marketing campaign puts your services in front of millions of people, but only if the marketing is done appropriately! Use precision in cutting-edge business analytics and avoid wasting your time guessing where and how to advertise. Digital marketing analytics can help you best utilize outreach campaigns and penetrate your target markets.

Get your complimentary gift below and see more marketing strategies for digital business.

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5 Effective Ways To Engage Blog Readers

increase blog readership, jetpack by wordpress,

There is a lot of content on the internet today and many people don’t have a long time to search through the content for what they need.  The time spent on a page is therefore influenced by the formatting and relevance of the information provided to their query. There is a connection to low bounce rates and quality content. In this post, I am going to share five tips for increasing engagement and lowering the bounce rate of your pages. The best way is to create engaging topics without the help of headline generators but if you run out of ideas for generating quality headlines you can try the following.


A well-written headline incorporates the main keyword and draws people into the post to read further, the headline will increase interest if it reflects the value or benefit to the reader of whats been shared. The audience is likely to read when the topic has useful tips or info giving them relevant information.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

A time-saving topic generator ideal for putting together topics from your choice of three nouns depending on which subjects you want to write about. You may find some spelling errors after generating your headlines, however it’s wise to customise and re-do the headlines to suit your audience.

The other is the content idea generator from portent can generate good frame for headlines. Just enter your keyword or subject in the space provided and click generate. It will come up with a few useful ideas. See it working here

jetpack by wordpress, wordpress, ways to engage blog readersThere is another resource I like to use is the advanced marketing value headline analyzer with more options to create your title focusing on different market categories. It reveal the emotional value of your topics and show a copyediting score in percentages for effectiveness. The Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer calculates the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) of a headline. The headline analyzer shows which emotions your headlines will evoke on your customers.



Content creator puts information together that feeds the interests of a particular audience. For example, advice shared with a certain age group of people seeking solutions to a problem must have helpful advice and resources for solving problem. Making the content tailored to the audience will enhance their user experience and increase engagement. The theme in the content must benefit the readers, give them value and match their search queries in the search engines.

Researching Target Audience

Good researched topics give writer the ability to create right content for their targeted audience, information like hobbies, problem solving resources, and various ideas on how to do things. The shared data on the blog will increase readership when it meet the people’s interests. Current trends and updates attract the readers. The website is made more specific with various tools and software for showing keywords online.

3.Visuals Aids

A Visually appealing infographic and graphics images used together with words and videos are make for engaging posts. People are always searching for data from various internet browsers and devices so all content could be tailored and made adaptable on multi screens so that it reaches people wherever they are on their favourite devices.

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4.Comment Forms
A facility where readers can ask questions and leave comments builds more trust and will make them valued and listened to. The user experience improves and this further allows the tailoring of the content according to user responses and comments. I would like to share with you these two plugins I use which are efficient at involving readers on the blog leave their comments.

JetPack by WordPress 2016-01-04 17-10-28, ways to engage blog readers, jetpack for wordpress,

An easy to install plugin packed with a lot of features and a great plugin for keeping the audience connected with your website. It allows subscribed readers to have your latest posts delivered in their emails. Jetpack has a customizable contact form where the audience can leave their contact details without them seeing your email address. The discussion settings on the plugin enable readers to leave comments

You can download Jetpack by word press here


Comments enable your visitors to use their, Twitter, or Facebook accounts when commenting on your site. Once you have jetpack plugin installed click the contact tab and you can easily install the contact form by clicking where it shows, add contact form like on screenshot below. 2016-01-04 12-52-32


If your business is focused more on consulting with clients or you would like to improve your blog readers experience further, you can use VCita a good resource for scheduling appointments making connections with your prospective clients. See video below and discover what Vcita can do for your business.

Below you can see the form after installation, showing fields for the readers to leave their names, emails, and comments. It encourages further engagement and a feedback process to be maintained with your audience.

My Banner 2016-01-04 12-54-10


Jetpack tries to match your site’s color scheme automatically, but you can make manual adjustments at the bottom of the Discussion Settings page. On the discussion setting page within jetpack, you can pick a few options on the comment setting and make it compulsory for commenting readers to fill out their names and emails, enable threaded comments and which comments(either old or new) should be displayed at the top of each page.

The best way to manage comments is to activate the option that allows manual approval of comments as this gives will give you enough time for moderation. Offensive words can be filtered in comments and blocked out for profanity. It has a lot of default and custom settings for improving the user experience.

5.Call to Action

A good call to action directs the audience to the right pages where they can get answers for what they have been searching for, further resources and other pages where they will discover more services. Readers identify with groups of same interest in social media places and forums. A clear link on a web page should direct readers to your social media pages and relevant business resource pages.

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Mobile Marketing, 4 Tips How It Can Work For You

Mobile Marketing Ideas

 mobile marketibile advertising campaignsng campaigns, momobile advertising, Mobile marketing guidelines, mobile advertising platforms, Mobile advertising messages. mobile marketing messages, When it comes to mobile marketing, one of the first and foremost things to consider is making content both engaging, friendly and familiar to targeted audience. The proliferation of Mobile aps have reached over 200% growth in recent years, making this industry one of the fastest-growing on the planet in the past few decades. It’s the reason why business should consider going mobile if they haven’t gone already.

  1. Mobile marketing guidelines
    Mobile advertising campaigners must avoid sending messages that has not been requested. These unwelcomed texts often upset clients, and they can cause problems for business if the permission of recipients is not sought. Companies may face hefty fines and other major issues. The mobile marketing association offers guidelines and best practices to follow on messaging.

2.Mobile Marketing

A versatile mobile marketing campaign allows messages to penetrate and reach customers across all mobile devices. Failure could lead to mobile advertiers missing on their targeted market sections. Testing and measurements is possible and user action can be monitored at real time on Ios and android apps. Behavioral reports and flow visualization show you the exact screens where users take action, pause, or disappear. Pinpoint issues quickly so you can improve your app and keep users engaged.  read more at

3.Mobile advertising messages

Mobile advertising messages need to be brief, clear and express urgency, because users will be viewing them on small screens. Every ad should focus on a call to action that tells the market to do something. mobile marketing, Mobile Marketing Ideas, mobile advertising, mobile marketing ideas, mobile markeing guidelines, mobile messages, mobile marketing messages, Mobile advertising platforms,Mobile advertising messagesForgetting to include a call to action in your mobile advertising messages is a common mistake that beginners often make.

SMS is an incredibly powerful method for delivering promotional messages in mobile marketing. Only subscribed customers should be sent seasonal discount notifications and voucher codes, this will help build value and trust.

4.Mobile advertising platforms

There are different types of advertisng platforms online that i would like to share, these three i think are great mobile advertising platforms, AdMob, Opera mediaworks and Inmobi. Mobile marketing will continue to grow and affect business in 2016 and beyond. Businesses promote products easily by sending marketing messages to mobile devices , such as cell phones and net books. Make use of  these useful tips from this article, drive your business and  take advantage of mobile marketing.





Mobile Marketing Has Profitable Effects

mobile advertising, mobile marketing, mobile marketing campaigns, micro moments, smartphone users, digital marketing, marketing, digital, mobileMobile marketing has evolved into a dominant strategy trusted by smart campaigners willing to take advantage of the popularity of mobile internet devices and smartphone usage. Today the shopping habits have changed with many people searching for products using their mobile devices before finally making purchases from desktops and visiting the high street. The customer journey starts from different touch points e.g a smartphone user may, while walking in the aisle search for a product on their smartphone which later influences their purchasing decision.

Mobile marketing may have a possible downside where the marketing campaigns may not reach the audiences if the website is not fully adjusted and friendly on smartphone browsers. This could be easily fixed, make the layout optimised for portable smartphones and tablet devices. 

Micro moments

Mobile marketing is effective when the campaign is more aligned with the smartphone user’s micro moments. If the marketing is done right, it can lead to growing profits for any kind of business. I like the way Google defines the smartphone user’s experience in these steps they call micro moments. I think marketers can have an advantage when they act quicker and smarter in meeting smartphone users needs. Brands need to give smartphone users useful content, at a swift pace and be there when they are needed. Being ready for the customer’s demand for services from anywhere at anytime.

Mobile marketing ads compatible with devices

Marketers can be creative with their marketing with the integration of mobile ads in their campaigns and also making the user experience of visitors from mobile devices smooth. Time spent on their webpages will increase as well as the potential customer engagement.

mobile ads, Optimised mobile marketing,digital touchpoints, consumer journey, user experience, mobile marketing campaigns, mobile purchase,

82% of smartphone users say they consult their phones about purchases they are about to make in a store. 91% of them turn to their phones for ideas in the middle of a task. These micro-moments are critical touchpoints within today’s consumer journey, and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends. For ways to improve mobile marketing campaigns and learn more regarding the micro moments please read more: here

These are the things that shows a marketer is getting it right at improving the customer’s mobile experience and smartphone users like your website. A reduction in bounce rate may shows that the audience are offered relevant content and great value on mobile pages. More quality with the timing of offers will increase conversions and have visitors take the desired action and even revisit in the future. Tailored and timely content does not only increase the engagement from smartphone user’s increase revenue from optimised mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing: Meet Consumers Needs

Mobile Marketing: Meet Consumers Needs


Updating business strategy seem inevitable with the pace of new digital innovations. The best method to keep up to pace is to train marketing teams and equip business with the most current digital marketing skills. Efficiently meeting buyers needs with a digital business means delivering the right service, at the right time, to the relevant people. This need for updating business strategies seems unavoidable and directly affected by the pace of new digital innovations. Today consumer demands are determined by their age, tastes, hobbies and places where they spent time on the internet. The use of internet on the go has even made shopping more pleasant for many service seekers. Brand and customer interactions have become more spontaneous with the emergence of new marketing focused on good user experiences.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

A business showing it’s products on mobile devices allows the consumer to customize their experience according to their personal tastes. Visible and accessible tabs with clear links taking clients to their searched products show that the brand know what clients are interested in and care about serving them. One important thing about mobile marketing is the presentation of material in a unique manner that grasp the attention of potential buyers. The user experience should be the main focus when designing efficient mobile marketing strategies.

Mobile Advertising

When developing a mobile marketing campaign, ensuring a campaign works across all available platforms is crucial. A good practice is for the marketing team to double check if their ad works, this confirms that they are not missing out on reaching an important market segment! Testing mobile advertising campaign on all mainstream devices is a must. Adwords Mobile give a good resource for mobile advertising with features to test and analyse the impact of mobile marketing campaigns. On the graph below i discovered that a huge number of people access the internet on mobile devices and smartphones and other mobile devices. Insights below on the smart shopper for home appliances in UK reveal in which parts of the purchase process did people use a smartphone? 2015-09-13 22-49-35

Mobile Marketing

It shows above that consumers search for products on their smartphones and compare different options first before finally making a purchase online or offline. There is a large segment of potential consumers for business  to reach using mobile advertising and mobile marketing.

Mobile Devices

Many potential customers using mobile devices will not see a website until it’ turned into a mobile-friendly platform. I think a content management system that offers a mobile plugin or the digital business lounge resource are great tools for mobile websites. A local business may employ the services of a digital advertising agency to build a solution. Either way, it is important to make your site look professional and engaging on mobile devices!

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Crafting Mobile Marketing Strategy To Business Advantage

mobile marketing strategy, mobile marketing, mobile marketing experienceMobile Marketing: There are many different and interesting methods to market a business today and one unique strategy that’s possible thanks to modern technology is mobile marketing. Mobile marketing gives businesses ability to advertise their products on mobile devices, such as mobile phones, tablets and other portable internet devices.If you have been thinking of trying a new marketing technique, then please read the information in this article for some practical mobile marketing tips

Local Search For Products

If a business is not search-able to consumers on mobile, it will miss potential sales! Remember that mobile marketing works best on mobile friendly sites. Making websites mobile ready is essential in penetrating the local and global market for clients using mobile internet devices.

Mobile User Experience

In mobile marketing less text and well placed visuals are effective in putting messages through and keeping more audiences engaged as well as unique and simple to use applications makes their connection with business more enjoyable reducing bounce rates. Bringing together different content types helps deliver messages to right recipients and makes for a great mobile marketing campaign that enhances communication. Make use of multi-channel marketing as one form communication isn’t enough for today’s audience.

Digital business lounge, data management platform, mobile marketing strategy, mobile marketing, marketers, business marketingThe layout of landing pages should be made specially for mobile devices in a streamline design that gives a more cleaner and easy to use mobile exeprience for the audience. There is an array of very useful website plugins that give an option for creating customizable mobile landing for websites. Content management systems are adaptable to various plugin for creating efficient mobile landing pages. For someone starting at internet business, a resource like the digital business lounge is useful in getting a quick start.

Mobile marketing is very complimentary to a business social media space. As many fans access a business page in social media on their mobile devices, it’s smart for business to provide that seamless experience from their Facebook pages to mobile website. A good placement and size of social media on the mobile page can reduce clutter and clearly present articles and video. The more simple the more engagement and interactivity it will create, and the more number of revisiting audience will be achieved with smart mobile marketing.



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Digital business:new ad technology grows digital business

digitalcbusiness, solution for digital business, digital business strategy, Digital business:new technology grows digital business. Now is a good time to innovate and transform business to digital with new digital technologies coming up every day. In order for digital business to keep up with the fast pace services are delivered a flexible and adaptable approach is necessary.

Digital business tools

The selling process has improved with more consumers having a wider choice of where, when and how to access their favorite services. It has made digital business marketing more dynamic with brands quickly innovating and ensuring they are not left behind in keeping up with the pace of new developments. Ad and tracking technologies recently created give digital business marketers more options to track potential consumer’s actions, interests and inquiries across all search engines. 

An overarching tracking strategy 

In recent months a digital business technologies  have emerged that will help business monitor consumer behaviour and activities 360 degrees across the web.  The innovation will help advertisers refine their digital marketing strategy to pinpoint relevant users efficiently. An example from Facebook reveals that Digital marketers want to know how ads are performing across the social network, the performance front, Facebook Exchange chipped-in as well. Now when users return to Facebook after being out and about across the web, marketers can retarget them with highly relevant and socially rich ads based on sites they’ve visited. read more here

Effective tracking a digital business secret

Digital business tools, data management platform, marketers, business marketing Effective tracking methods incorporated in business development training will help a digital business improve user experience and deliver services in a pleasant manner. Google is building a data management platform to help target ads and connect brands with people online more effectively, according to sources familiar with the plans. “We are testing data management capabilities in DoubleClick to help partners better manage their own data as well as that from third parties”,the company said in a statement. read more here

 More solution for digital business

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