Why Employee Digital Skills Are Crucial For Business Growth

digital innovation, online marketing skills, digital marketing skills, digital transformationThere are many advantages of having a digital skilled business team, able of maximising productivity with their understanding of digital platforms and approaches.

I would like to share the info below because output will increase when working teams attune their existing skills with the modern digital approach.

According to a report by a UK bank, UK small businesses are ‘not doing enough’ to develop employee digital competence.

On the survey of both workers and employers, they discovered that the average budget spends of small firms are £109 annually per employee on digital skills training – which puts them at risk of being well short of foreign competition.

Over (34%) of the businesses surveyed admitted they found it difficult to deliver the right training to digitally up-skill staff, and 45% said they felt their older employees were slower to pick up the required skillsets than younger recruits.

A report confirmed fears that UK small enterprises will be left behind in the digital revolution with 40% of small businesses having revealed that they rely on graduates and younger employers for their output.
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I think employee digital competence could be achieved with more digital skills training offered to remedy the shortage e.g. More flexible learning options like virtual training courses.

Companies will in the near future have their own bespoke digital training inhouse.

This will make job descriptions more flexible and aligned with business operational needs and role expectations will be met with the prescribed digital training.

The current team composition doesn’t need a change and older employees shouldn’t be replaced with young talent.

New Ideas
The younger ones with their sharpness and speed they bring in a new and fresh way thinking and creativity.

Therefore developing digital business skills must target all, younger apprentices, graduates and senior experienced team members are developed across the board.

How to improve skills for online marketing?

A business should set an annual budget for staff to attend training in digital skills and for business seminar attendance.

Membership to portals offering the latest online business skills training. This way cutting edge digital resources and technologies are made readily available for staffs.

The tailored digital courses should be made more relevant to various team roles, it will embedd the right mix of technology and expertise with more emphasis on indivIdualised lessons.

Lessons should show team members how to use digital technologies, improve role performance and production output. 


Subject matter experts can be summoned to assess the needs and devise bespoke digital training in portals packed with “online business training videos” that embody local company policies and existing procedures.

Virtual training environment online where quality systems can improve online marketing skills.


The pace at which the modern business transform and the constant evolving needs of consumers requires a competent workforce.

The neccessary digital skills faciliate the smooth functionining of teams. New approaches and innovations develop the growth of economy.

Which systems can improve your online marketing skills

There are many Virtual learning environments online where the latest cutting edge digital marketing skills are taught. The training platforms I recommend is squared online and six figure mentors.


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17 things digital marketers could do today?

I discovered this online today and found a way to use it creatively. I think it could be very useful for planning tasks and increasing productivity. As I have wondered what tasks I should do for internet marketing today so I created a wheel from  a list of tasks I would like to carry out. 

Guess what came up after I spun the wheel?  The wheel advised me to research a whole week of content. I am putting together some content this week.  This could be very effective when used with the promodoro technique.

You can have a go at http://wheeldecide.com/

How to execute digital marketing tasks efficiently

How to execute digital marketing tasks efficiently 

For internet marketers who think they don’t have enough time for actioning their digital marketing tasks? And for those who think internet marketing take most of your time.

Here are some helpful tips for boosting marketing efforts.

Engaging content, sharp graphics, clear video and targeted promotional marketing messages are essential for good campaign performance.

Building a successful online business involves tasks like creating content, graphics, videos and other promotional marketing messages using various multimedia tools.

The process might be a daunting task for most people at the beginning especially if they work with limited resources.

Putting together useful content can take more than using a to-do list and a timetable to keep up with the demands of creating value for your consumers.

There are more effective ways to carry out marketing tasks faster with the right time-saving resources.

Today an internet marketer needs to show a good level of competence and this is achievable through gaining the right online marketing education.

Marketers realise tasks when their skill sets and efforts  combine with the right marketing system.

There are a few simple marketing systems equipped with exactly all the convenient resources for a marketer at one place.

1.How to get better results with digital marketing tools 

The best way to use various digital channels is providing information and products that meet the needs of your consumers.

In addition, there are different channels like social, video, search marketing, email communications you can take advantage of.

Generally, you could build good value that give clients a real solution and help solve a particular problem.

Especially when you use the power of one way or two-way communication and web media tools. For example, you could create highly targeted surveys to reach your potential clients and find out about their concerns.

In fact, for a very specific age group of consumers, one of the most effective methods is using the power of search engines effectively for revealing your services, products and content in different types of formats and platforms.

2.Social Platforms

Why? Because, If you go where your targeted audiences are, it’s possible to give them exactly what they want at the appropriate time when they visit social pages.

And don’t forget to stay up to date and congruent with the social page topic, to do this you need to share engaging multimedia content related to the social page with fans.

Not only will it get a database of subscribers but will also help you sell your products.

The better approach is even to create a special social page related to the service or the solution you want to give.

3.Web Search

Make good use of the biggest internet search providers and abide by the search algorithms.

There are courses on how to advertise your business online giving an option of doing the marketing for yourself or get it done by a marketing agency.

To do this you will need to create an online marketing campaign where you have a landing page or webpage informing your potential customers about your services.

Furthermore, you can pay advertisers to send visitors to your website.

For getting better results with digital marketing tools, there are many courses online on how to do the market research properly and setting up effective advertising campaigns.

3.Learn Marketing Skills

Free and high-quality digital marketing training is available at biggest internet search and online marketing education providers.

For Marketers to learn how to build an online business of their passion, write adverts and promote their business. And also create rich and appealing multimedia display ads that show website content, products or services.

It’s important to embrace new ad technologies like display, cookie and pixel technology for enhancing accurate analytics and re-targeting clients from both social platforms and search engines.

4.Search Engine Optimisation

This is a crucial strategy for building a business’s solid presence in the search engines.

Although this element of marketing is important for online business, it’s very time-consuming when you start building your assets.

Again a good idea is to have experts do SEO for you as it will release your time so you can concentrate on providing value and solutions to your customers.

Search engine marketing enhances the growth of a business with proper customisation and optimisation.

Some online marketing courses give a detailed training about getting your business online and show the right way of using search engine optimisation.

5.How online business owners can build lasting relationships with clients

Providing good quality products creates good user experiences and a loyal base of customers. This relationship is further improved by maintaining good communication and support.

Nurturing and communicating with social page fans will build a lasting relationship and enable a business to turn potential clients into happy customers.


The crucial aspect of any business is to have a database of customers and potential customers.

Have a powerful email software to collaborate with your outsources and teams like a premium email app that helps you deliver and manage successful project management.

7.Quality content

As you grow a good following from social platforms and your blog or website it’s a wise habit to actively listen and respond positively to your user queries, questions and use the information for tailoring content will build trust and more awareness of your services.

Allow your clients an option of joining your email list for your digital content and newsletters.

Using an all in one Marketing system with simple to run marketing tools saves time and allows for a structured approach.

Crafting precise solutions for your clients at their time of need is possible with digital marketing tools.

8.Digital marketing tools for internet marketers

internet marketing skillsI would like to share a resource that could help save a lot of time in doing their promotional tasks. It has various digital marketing tools efficient in crafting promotional marketing messages.

The following internet marketing aids are available inside the six figure mentors digital business system.

WordPress 101

WordPress content publishing system where you can build your website faster. Customise your content and share your business products.

It has short and sharp training showing marketers how to share purposeful content online the right way using WordPress 101.

Graphix creator

The graphix creator software gives creative marketers many options to design quality reports and graphics for newsletters of various interests.

A reliable tool to create the rich multimedia assets and attract the client to your chosen online business and further build strong relationships

Web hosting

One of the functions in this Digital business resource is providing a secure web hosting and professional email services. Email marketing efforts could be enhanced by linking to external mail auto response software.

Video customisation tool

The yourtube player is a video customisation WordPress plugin. It ‘s very useful in optimising and customizing videos for various platforms.

The tidyurl plugin

Good in building clean and easy to read links that point the customer to the right place on your web business pages.

Landing page builder

The simple lead capture page is a crucial tool for creating effective campaigns and relevant promotional marketing messages. For connecting targeted clients to any service of their interest.

For more tricks for promoting online business check out the link below

where you can improve your online marketing.

Click here to reach internet marketing tools I recommend.

For time-saving internet marketing tools click here

7 Essential Steps for Body Builders to Fuel With Pre-Workout Supplements

7 Essential Steps for Body Builders to Fuel Pre-Workout Supplements

Here are some crucial pre-workout tips and the top muscle building concerns that both new and intermediate gym attendees must avoid, especially if they want to fuel their bodies properly for achieving effective workouts.

1.The benefits of using a premium pre-workout supplement

Have you asked yourself this question regarding pre-workout? What workout supplement should I use for getting better results? There are many formulas and supplements out there and it can become confusing to pick one that works and able to really save you time and money. A supplement that ticks all boxes and meets the needs of gym attendees has these special traits. It should increase your energy so that when you workout your focus and performance are heightened.

2.How to escape pain with muscle building?

Pre-workout preparation is essential before starting a a rigorous bodybuilding session. Taking a premium supplement does not only give you endurance prior to working out in the gym but can also keep your skeletal muscle fibres elastic and well nourished.


3.How bodybuilders can get better results with pre-gym workout ?

The best way is to ensure that you prepare effectively for a gym workout is to have a regular routine where you stick to your nutrition and gym times. It’s also crucial to have a good supplement that gives your body the essential ingredients it needs when working out.


4.Pre-workout foods for real energy

When attending the gym in the morning You can maximize your preparations by eating the following pre-workout foods. Foods like Greek Yogurt and Dried Fruit. Porridge and Oatmeal. Fruit Smoothies and Wholegrain Bread are good to eat  in the morning eat before going to the gym.


pre-workout supplement, pre workout meals,Jym pre workout, pre-workout meal, blackwolf premium supplement, pre-workout supplements, premium workout supplements,

5.How to save money with muscles building supplements?
Buy an all in one product of premium supplements for all the phases of working out as. If you pick one brand that meets all your pre workout, intra workout and post workout needs it can save you money and also keep your muscle tissue maintained to an optimum mass.

6.Another hack to help maximize your workout and develop a beautiful six pack

Before you routine exercises have a shake filled with amino acids, carbohydrates and protein. This will help to keep the muscles elastic and bulky. If you workout full team you will probably know that most bodybuilders who stick to a regular structured calorie intake easily develop a strong physique.


7.A common mistake with pre-gym workout
Sleeping at least 8 hours a day will keep one energized the next morning and able to pursue their muscle-building efforts. A good recovery period should follow an intensive exercise session, allowing the muscles and body to get the rest they deserve. Muscle strain injuries could occur with lack of sufficient sleep and rest.

You can read more about an effective “premium pre-workout supplement” here.



Six Figure Mentors 3 Ways To Aqcuire Online Business Skills

Create income with profitable strategies at Six Figure Mentors

six figure mentors, sfm, online business skills, profitable business strategiesThe Six Figure Mentors digital business system offers a powerful online marketing education program. It’s a good system to grow your skills If you are looking at starting or running your own business. It could be ideal for trainees wanting some flexibility and freedom. Many internet marketers go on to attain cutting edge strategies for realising profits in their various online business.

The six figure mentors digital business system where business students are taught real skills for creating financial freedom. Its an ideal business startup system for parents and adults planning to use their spare time for activities that build an income. The freedom from financial worry and the release of time to do those personal leisure activities someone would not be able to do with traditional ways of working.

Practical skills and tools

If you would like to get access to sources of knowledge on the best approaches for creating a business online and the right tools for marketing, the six figure mentors has a wide choice of strategies and approaches. It’s a great platform for gaining practical knowledge in building functional websites and a reliable stream of income.

Earning doing what you like

The six figure mentors give training in online business skills to people interested in learning strategies for promoting affiliate products. Students gain the most current knowledge to create and market a digital business of their passions. The skills help them not only to build their online business but to show others how to do me whilst doing what they love. People starting an online business are given tailored resources to help them arrive at the fastest route for profits.

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What to learn at Six Figure Mentors

Students at the six figure mentors can learn how to build landing pages, Build client relationships to their b, the latest techniques for Internet marketing, social media marketing and effective methods for advertising their websites. Members of are given access to a back office fully equipped with modern tools for building an solid business online.

You can get success when you put in the necessary work, take guided action and follow the step by step tutorials from leading online business experts. Smart internet business owners who are dedicated on their projects, can adopt the following productive habits and also acquire efficient skills

  • learning steps to create a solid business that releases their financial freedom
  • knowledge on which practical marketing resources are essential and where to get them
  • gain crucial training in what to do to work towards their goal
  • develop the right mindset and profitable business strategies


The tools help aspirant entrepreneurs to adapt, expand their business online and shape a digital lifestyle of their choice with the Six Figure Mentors.

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3 digital business tools to boost your affiliate marketing

contentcreationtips, graphix creator, content creation

3 digital business tools to boost your affiliate marketing

Digital business tools can enhance your marketing efforts and increase the readership of your business blogs. Carefully selected tools can improve the overall presentation of your concepts when you create content for your chosen target audience. I have used some tips and resources to make content standout on my articles which I would like to share with you in this post.

How to get better results with your content creation

Simple changes using the right resources to make your content rich on graphics and images can get your readers more interested on offers. Also attaching clear instructions on your visual media and information banners. Appropriate and engaging content will bring more audience who are likely to stay longer on your page.

marketing messages, content creation tips, affiliate marketing, digital business tools, engaging images

I have used graphix creator and snappa for revamping images and to reveal interesting messages for marketing purposes. Images that are pleasing in the eye can increase the time spent visitors on your webpage. Creating your own graphics for your content marketing doesn’t cost you any money, it’s time saving and enables you to express your own creativity on your projects.

Connect more clients with video

The most effective way to share marketing messages is through video. According to the consumer barometer 23% of people watch video online to learn something new. Visual presentation of ideas and solutions can draw the attention of your potential clients to your products. Using customisation on your video will affect how potential clients engage with your messages. Great tool for customising videos I like it’s the yourtube player, it has a few features you can use to change the colour of tabs, the size and have your videos on autoplay.

Check some marketing message creation tools below

digital business lounge, digital bloggers,digital experts academy, six figure mentors, creating a digital life, personal development




Starting A Business Online Efficiently 5 Tips

Starting A Business Online Efficiently

online business startup, Start an online business efficiently, online business education, reg dontache SFM

As a prospective online business owner, you may have asked yourself the following question before.

What is the no 1 Tip for being more efficient with starting an online business?

The crucial aspect of starting a business online is to do your research and find a genuine online business start-up programmes. More often this leads to reading some reviews on the most efficient business startup products. A web search can reveal thousands of products offered at different pay points for all types of skilled online business owners. The most difficult part may be picking the right resource for the ideal business you want to create.


starting a business online efficiently, extraordinary online business startup, strating a business online, online business startup resource, online business startup tipsWhat if you are afraid of looking stupid pursuing an online business startup?
This is one of the problems that prevent many aspirant entrepreneurs to take action and they may start to put off their plans for later or even ask this question,  “What if I run of ideas to promote my business idea?”

I believe with the right online business education and commitment anyone can develop the skills and confidence to express their creativity in building a business of their unique passion. I think with the right effort, efficient tools and a supportive online business community entrepreneurs can learn new empowering skills and successfully create their online business.


How do entrepreneurs avoid barriers and start efficiently with their online business start-up

Like I said in this post above there are two things many people do when they start an online business. They search online for the best business creation product and read a lot of reviews about the same subject. This will lead to a few problems new starters often encounter.

Firstly the process takes them a long time before they can find that suitable business startup product. Secondly they may easily get overwhelmed during their search by the amount of information overload online. This is the one thing people experience when they start a business online.


Today I want to remove all those barriers with the information below

What if I could reveal a source you can try prior to making any decision or commitment. Would you find this piece of information helpful?

There is a system that’s user friendly to anyone with or without technical skills. It’s ideal for people looking to follow clear set steps and instructions to set up their online business.

We have over 21,000 copies of this extraordinary online business start-up sold. You can have a free 14 days trial of the system below. Get inside and try it for yourself, and see if it relates to your ideas for the type of business you would like to build.
If you would like a free trial of the extraordinary online business start-up click here

Free online business startup bundle

Six Figure Mentors Enhances Self-Improvement of Entrepreneurs



Six Figure Mentors Digital Business System

A speculative and inconsistent marketing approach will have a negative impact on a business return on investment. Just as advertising without using the right analytic tools could result in unsuccessful business campaigns. A well developed digital business system should integrate with all the processes and analytical methods that makes it easy for users to identify and repeat the profitable strategies. One of the excellent online business resources like the Six Figure Mentors Digital Business System incorporates all the essentials tools required to create a solid presence on the web.

Digital business skills from the six figure mentors

The six figure mentors provides modern digital business skills that are powerful for learners to change ordinary people’s lives and positively influence their online businesses. A proper investment in these genuine skills can help digital entrepreneurs expand their skill-base and business efforts. The knowledge that comes with internet marketing skills enable many to leverage the power of the web in creating a digital life of their aspirations.

At this time there are very few selling systems configured in an efficient manner that provide service users with a pleasant and satisfactory experience. It’s important that services on demand are moved digitally with the focus on providing a great user experience. In a moment I would like to share the Six Figure Mentors digital business system and I also want to share more about this brilliant marketing system by digital marketing experts Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek.

With this business system, an ordinary man from the street is given the opportunity to use powerful resources and embrace the skills that would enable them to build a profitable digital lifestyle of their own choice.


marketing tools, six-figure-mentors, digital marketing skills, digital business skills, the six figure mentors, six figure mentors digital business sytem, six figure mentors systemSix figure mentors training

The Six Figure Mentors is a genuine system that requires the internet business marketer to take advantage of the cutting edge training and believe in their anticipated outcome. The education can work very well for learners who take the right action and follow the step by step tutorials and instructions from leaders and mentors. With a consistent and hardworking ethic the desired, pleasant and rewarding outcome is achievable.

For any person who would like to try the system and see if it they can become lucky, the Six Figure Mentors is not the system for them. However if you are enthusiastic, willing to learn powerful habits and business skills that are capable of changing your present situation you can benefit from an empowering digital lifestyle that enables you to clearly define the concepts of freedom, income and success in your own unique way.

Making a commitment to the goals you are setting out to meet as an entrepreneur, the necessary support is available combined with the modern and efficient digital lifestyle resources. The Digital Lifestyle resource accessible with the Six Figure Mentors digital business system is tailored to the needs of different students. The experienced business coaches empower entrepreneurs to self-create the appropriate solutions which aid them to realize their individual goals.

Benefits of six figure mentors system

It gives both aspiring and experienced business men a practical guide to growing as an entrepreneur. It increases the potential and assists people to create effective goals for their business. Entrepreneurial Mindset tools help stimulate an entrepreneur’s way of thinking and give them positive perspectives.

Entrepreneurs who apply the training in the right way do enhance their self-improvement, embrace productive habits and they are endowed with true business acumen. The best way members develop the right mindset is through attending the webinars at the six figure mentors that increase resourcefulness and peak performance.

Effective ways to work with six figure mentors system

At this time I try to find time to work on my online business at home. I hope in the near future I will be able to release more time for myself through leveraging the essential digital business skills I am currently learning. With the training I gain strategies to scale up on my efforts and grow my online business.

My plan for the future is to outsource other parts of my internet marketing tasks and have more time and freedom for me to do things I like with my family. For anyone starting I think an ideal approach is to spend two to three hours a day writing blogs and generating leads and I believe this will create the necessary impact to become productive with the system. It also depends on the person’s level of dedication and their will to succeed with the six figure mentors digital business system.

There are many resources like video tutorials, digital marketing webinars and a members website packed with cutting edge and up to the minute marketing tools and resources. There is an option to use the digital business lounge and the digital experts academy with an upgrade from basic to Elite six figure mentors membership.

Six figure mentors leadership and mentoring skills

With the online business education ordinary people get an opportunity to develop leadership skills and traits of being self-sufficient with mentoring from experienced digital business experts. Progressive courses give students a distinct scope to grow and this allows all types of experienced internet marketers to get help from mentoring according to their levels of ability within the six figure mentors.

Marketing Tools, Lead Generations Strategies and Internet Marketing Resources



Six Figure Mentors Has Right Resources For Business Online

Six Figure Mentors Has Right Resources For Business Onlinesix figure mentors, six figure mentors digital business system, online business starters, digital business, digital skills

Six Figure Mentors Digital Business System

It may be difficult for internet marketers to find the right foundations to succeed with a business online today.On the internet, there are many systems that are supposed to help people build a business online, but people end up confused and scammed due to many ineffective internet marketing strategies and systems out there.

Starting A Business with The Six Figure Mentors

Starting a business online is the most vulnerable period a newbie encounters, The risks are high as one doesn’t have the right knowledge and efficient tools of for starting the right way. Many online business starters do not have a clear and direct map and may end up feeling like they are spinning wheels at one point. There are a few genuine resources I want to share with you. One is The Six Figure Mentors Digital Business System.

The Six Figure Mentors Digital Business System

Online business starters are given clear directions and instructions to begin their journey on a right and productive track. The SFM system is well thought out and is comprised of all the essential resources and tools to get anyone up and running in a short space of time.

Digital Skills at The Six Figure Mentors

The SFM digital business system is a versatile system that’s very easy to use for internet marketers of various experience. They have removed all problems that new marketers used to come across when starting a website business online.

The period where people used to figure out things on their own when they start a web business often with limited support is over, online business starters now have an opportunity to collaborate with both experienced and intermediate business owners on the six figure mentors community.

The SFM Digital Business System is tailor made for all levels including less technical internet entrepreneurs to just plug in and start sharing quality and useful content to their targeted field. What makes the right foundation is the carefully structured platform to deliver online business skills by the industry leading digital marketing experts and the six figure mentors.

What makes the right foundation is the carefully structured platform to deliver online business skills by the industry leading digital marketing experts and the six figure mentors.


Access extraordinary free gifts below

>>> Complimentary Online Business Startup Resource<<<

Digital Business Lounge 6 Ways To Express Creative Ideas

Expressing Creativity Ideas With Digital Business Lounge Tools

Digital business lounge is a great platform that gives marketers the convenience with key internet marketing and time saving resources. The marketing platform is made up of practical tools for internet marketing . Anyone, whether technically savvy or inexperienced can easily make use of the tools inside dbl and follow steps for creating a business of their choice online.


1.Promotional Marketing Messages
Create and promote marketing messages
internet marketing techniques, digital business lounge, internet marketing tips, promotional marketing messages, delivering promotional marketing messages, creative ways to use digital business lounge, good promotional marketing messages, digital bloggers, digital experts academy, the six figure mentors.
The graphix creator in Digital business lounge allows creative teams to build media which they can use for promoting their marketing messages to intended audience and further enhance the popularity of their products or brand. For example one can build e-covers, banners, and logos. Ideal for digital product covers with a potential to increase the sales of a business.


2.Facebook and Twitter
Promotional marketing messages may be shown on the time lines and via ads on the social media sites. Social media marketing has become a prominent strategy many businesses use to grow their popularity. Social media services are excellent avenues where you can work to promote your blog. An effective internet marketing method is to create pages for your blog and promote these pages throughout these social networking sites.


3.Social bookmarking sites
Posting current events about your industry or related industry can be a great way to generate interest for your blog, daily news and the most recent updates about your blogs. Distributing promotional marketing messages with bookmarking may help your website ranking in the search engines with the number of sites linking back to yours.


4.Graphics for social media platforms

Promotional marketing messages may be distributed in several ways to the intended recipients to further enhance the popularity of a product or a brand. The digital business lounge resources can help marketers to apply this technique efficiently and increase the sales and profits margin of their business. Develop unique, relevant and engaging images and text for sharing in social sites. Post messages on the time lines and via ads(promoted post) on the social media sites. Social media is an important platform where many businesses can build their popularity. Graphix creator is simple to use, especially as a resource for putting together social media content and marketing materials for blogs. An internet marketing tool for adding visual content to blogs and promote them in social networking sites.


Yourtube player is a good resource to customise visual content for various webpages. Video creators can enhance video according to length, size and auto-play. Information regarding uses of a particular product in a blog or micro-blogging site. There are various blogging websites online where a business owner can register for free start delivering promotional marketing messages.


6.Display Advertising
An effective method where a marketer can share short cutting edge promotional marketing messages to encourage prospects to click on the links to reach their products. Prospective clients are more likely to engage with information on good looking banners. They have more impact when they are displayed at leading publishing sites with relevant product information, attractive colours. If the banners are published well, it encourages the audience to click on your promotional marketing messages.

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