7 Online Marketing Campaign Tools For Digital

digital marketing training, internet marketers, digital business skills, Dbl, online businessOnline marketing campaign tools come in various types and functions. Good marketing tools enhance a solid online presence for web businesses. I would like to share the following resources for building marketing campaigns online


1.Digital business lounge

A website creator full of powerful internet marketing tools. The Dbl has email, word press platform, numerous themes, link shortener, video customizer, landing page builder and a domain purchasing and web hosting service. The digital business lounge should be in every marketer resource of online marketing campaign tools.

2.Graphix creator

Graphics and images can help improve the delivery of promotional marketing messages. Internet marketers can use Graphix creator to design marketing materials for the online business campaigns. Corresponding business ideas can be adapted to different marketing mediums like infographics, display advertising and images.

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3.Tidy URL link shortener

Effective online marketing campaign tools can attract the right type of clients to a web business. One of the customer needs is safety online, they are likely to leave their card details on web pages from safe links. A clear, safe and keyworded link builds trust on customers. The tidy url link builder works in the same way as other link shorteners. Internet marketers can now create short and safe link for various web property.



1454552407_blogrollFor an online business service, developing a website with relevant and unique content meet the needs of customers. A business can easily share valuable content and specialised services for clients with a choice of 22 easy to switch and customise wordpress themes. The Dbl hosting allows installation for multiple website, install wordpress with just one click of a button.

5.Simple Lead Capture Page

Efficient funnels are components of online marketing campaign tools and marketing campaigns. The simple lead capture page creates relevant marketing pages, funnels. It has a storage library for all your forms and images.

graphix creator, tidyurl, simple lead capture, digital marketing training, online marketing campaign toolsSimpletrakk reveals the most profitable campaigns. Track the customer journey through your funnel and their behaviour on different web pages. Split test the impact of different marketing pages and scale up on those that attract more conversions and goals.




Offering and planning clients appointments for online business consultants has never been easier with this brilliant scheduling tool. Clients can book appointments and leave their details, it also have an option for taking payments. Vcita helps take the services of both clients and small business consultants further.

The digital business lounge gives online marketers a quick solution for completing tasks and I think it falls into the category of efficient online marketing campaign tools.

Living Digital Can Improve Personally and Financially

Living Digital Can Improve Personally and Financially

wearable technology health

Living digital could be an empowering experience on a personal level. There are many digital resources for enhancing both physical and mental health. Today we live at a very good time technologically and find ourselves enriched with a vast array of digital tools for improving our lifestyles. I think digital has a 360 degrees influence which can be used to our advantage with ever-evolving digital technologies. For this reason, scientific experiments are carried with the hope of finding that ultimate solution to today’s problems and improvements for the future. Living digital and keeping physically fit is possible. We can use wearable technology to enhance our exercise routines.

Improving Life Living Digital


Digital Lifestyle blueprint does not only guide on setting goals but can also help students keep a healthy entrepreneurial mindset. Living digital can enhance the business acumen within people in a few ways, for example enrolling in online business education programmes like the Six Figure Mentors, the Digital Experts Academy or others that give business owners access to powerful tools. With digital business models efficient on marketing training and entrepreneurial mindset development.


digital lifestyle, digital health tools, digital business learning, six figure mentors, digital experts academy, digital lifestyle blueprint
digital lifestyle

There are many ways we can improve the state of our health while living digital. The use of guides and life-changing habits could bring us closer to the lifestyle we yearn for. Simple routines maintaining our healthy physical states like using pedometers and keeping healthy eating and exercise diaries. Almost any aspect of life can be measured, analyzed and new interventions tailored for correcting any health problems. With the right training and application, we may follow the right steps helping us discover digital lifestyle solutions for our betterment both in a financial and health state.

Healthy Mindset Whilst Living Digital

Tailored educational courses at a digital business academy could help people grow on a personal and financial level whilst living digital. On this modern day, digital learning programmes are convenient and also provide for all the needs of modern learners. The student learns at flexible times and knowledge is gained at virtual campuses giving people more options on their time management. I think a few days back it was mentioned on telly that children are not engaging enough in physical activities and they have a large chunk of their time taken up by digital devices. It’s, therefore, necessary to have a limit on the usage of digital devices, if we do this right we can have an active and healthy lifestyle whilst living digital.

Click the banner below to access your free digital lifestyle videos from the digital experts academy with valuable ideas on living digital.

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Digital Marketing: 5 Crucial Tips To Effective Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing: 5 Crucal Tips To Effective Digital Marketing

Research precedes digital marketing

digitalmarkerting, digital, marketing, engagement, digital reach, digital marketing channelsI think before a business can even come up with a content strategy or tailor the type of content they think their customers might like. They should do a proper research and ensure they have a good insight of their targeted audience’s needs and interests. For exampe a product could be associated to their targeted users interests using adaptive content. Such a product could be related with the latest news as part of dynamic marketing where there is a connection between product and current affairs. Good Ads that use this type of approach are seasonal ads often made just prior to big sporting events.

Engagement is crucial in digital marketing

Focusing on short stories or vidoe clips of not having a particular product could be used to increase engagement from fans and potential customers. A funny interesting aspect of what might happen if someone does not have the convenience that comes with having the product. Engagement could also be increase with hugging hashtags with keywords that a business users may like.

Digital Marketing Channels

Other marketing channels should be effectively used as well as sharing good entertaining content for fans in the social space with up to the minute updates. Mixing up humour and educational messages to give brand fans a solution is a great digital marketing strategy for increasing customer satisfaction. Today there are many opportunities and areas for brands to utilise like G+,Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and You Tube.


Digital Reach

digital marketing strategy, digital marketing, digital marketing strategiesA service can be efficiently distributed to far reaching levels with the proper use of digital channels like i have mentioned above. It’s a must for a business that embraces digital marketing strategies to make it’s webpages adaptable and take advantage of the interconnectivity of different mobile devices for growing their market penetration. It is important to optimise for mobile and social and have services reachable on all multidevice screens.

Analyse and Intensify

The most benefiting digital marketing teams use incisive tools to study their most successful patterns. These results help them fix where their campaigns previously did not work. With the right tools they analyse, intensify and develop a far sight for bringing future profits for their business.


Digital Business Lounge: Practical Tools For Internet Marketing

practical tools for internet marketing, internet marketing, web business, dbl, internet marketing toolsDigital business lounge makes the somewhat difficult job of internet marketing easy and possible for all levels of web business owners and internet marketing learners. Core internet marketing tools are situated in one place. On the post below there is  a brief outline on how to create your website efficiently.


Domain registration

It’s wise for an entrepreneur to pick and purchase a domain of choice for your online business. The digital business lounge has secure and free hosting for your domains. Once a domain name is registered with the dbl, the owner can create unlimited cpanel emails. Multisites could be hosted inside the dbl.

WordPress 101

The digital business lounge has an easy to install worpress ability once the domain name has been propagated. DBL has a click and point installer for wordpress where a landing page builder like simple lead capture can be intergrated with wordpress.

The wordpress 101 within the dbl has short, clear and easy to follow video tutorials showing the crucial steps to get up and running with worpdpress. Business owners can quickly build fully functional websites within a few hours. This versalitilty and simplicity make the DBL a very convenient tool for less technical web business owners. This advantage help many site owners to save on outsourcing. The dbl leaves someone with an option to only outsource those tasks that are really necessary.

Practical tools for internet marketing

Web business grow with the use of practical tools for internet marketing. The digital business lounge shows entrepreneurs the backend aspects of their business and how internet marketing works in the back office. DBL internet marketing tools give a great way of learning how one’s business work.

Professional looking websites created with dbl help business owners show off their services and increase engagement with customers. Internet marketing has been made accessible to all levels of marketers with easily executable internet business tools inside the digital business lounge.


Digital Business Lounge Generates Interest For Business

Digital Business Lounge Generates Interest For Business


our img

Digital business lounge is worth a try before you perform research online for implementing any internet marketing business. You also want to see if the DBL is relevant to your business and what type of people you may want to target when using the digital business lounge.


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Contact Information With Simple Lead Capture Page

Absolutely every site you build with wordpress 101, whether a blog or a regular content page or your main authority site, you should have a way of allowing your potential clients to leave their contact information, and do make use of social media plugins and opt in boxes.

These need to be strategically located, ideally on the top right space or a good place is at the bottom of your articles on your webpage. They must be placed on every page of your site so that people know how they can stay connected with you. Don’t forget the simple lead capture page creator within the DBL software can also be used for the purpose of building beautiful pages for collecting your prospects contact information.


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Honesty Is Better Than Hype

Whilst creating a solid business with the Digital Business Lounge remember that many consumers respect honesty more than hype, so when you try to generate more prospects, leave an open and honest offer on the table. Adding hype and false statements will make you look like a generic salesperson who will do whatever it takes to get people to buy. Generate interest with a true quality presentation as this will gain you permanent customers instead.


Use Digital Business Lounge Digital Writers To Create Quality Content

digital business lounge, DBL, digital marketing tools, digital business, digital businessDigital writers resource will help you to stay on top of your business content needs by providing high quality information that actually benefit your website visitors. Business owners new to running an online digital business usually have a difficulty to increase their business online prominence, but once they are shown that a content creation is crucial, they start making the right steps. Producing free and practical content that teaches consumers to create solutions will help generate more leads.


Increase You Opt In Rates With Simpletrakk

digital business lounge, digital entrepreneur, digital marketing, digital marketing skills, digital business, digital business training, digital business skills, digital experts academy, digital marketing tools, digital marketing aidQualifying a potential buyer starts before the you even collect their contact details. Make use of surveys to elicit the needs and interests of your targeted group of contacts. Asking for specific pieces of information will allow you to categorise all of your services for your prospective customers when doing future promotions. When you have the right information collated properly using accurate statistics from simpletrakk, you will not waste time and energy on over-campaigning or complete misses due to irrelevancy or oversight.

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Don’t overlook the concept of actually paying for quality leads for your digital business. The first place most people go to seek digital business opportunities is on Google. If you aren’t on page 1 organically for the typical search terms people use, then you need to pay to be there.

It can take some time to generate the right prospects on your own using other methods, whereas paying for these leads can help get your business quickly off the ground. Inside the Digital Business Lounge you have the advantage of learning about the right places to attract relevant potential customers for your business. If you are looking to pay for leads, the Six Figure Mentors can show you how to do so from reputable companies.


Digital Marketing Inside The Right Forums

digital business training, digital business skills, digital marketing, digital entrepreneur, digital marketing skills, digital business skills, digital marketing training, reg dontache, stuart ross, jay kubassek, digital experts academy, the six figure mentorsDigital marketing requires you to be more active on niche-relevant forums and discussion boards to increase awareness of your  services. If you hang out where consumers ask questions, you can gather trust, develop your brand and be a go-to source for them. Not only will other digital entrepreneurs appreciate your assistance, they will also most likely visit your digital business lounge site for more info!


Write Interesting Articles

You don’t just have to always buy written content. Instead, consider writing articles on topics related to your business. For example, you may first try digital marketing aids and later write recommendations about the best digital marketing tools within the digital business lounge. Write about topics that people actually want to read about, such as how-to’s, interviews, details from local events or expert tips and tricks. If you are creating content which is worth reading, you will be sure to build a respectable following.

Investing in the digital business lounge courses will help you develop your digital business skills. It is important to maintain every aspect of your business if you want to create success. The best method is to actually learn the skills so you don’t need to outsource them It is also critical that you build a responsive customer base that is continually growing. It is possible to gain efficient digital business skills from pro’s at the Digital Business Lounge.

 >>>To your success with digital business lounge<<<

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Digital Business Lounge Gives Your Business A Flying Start

Follow these steps to get started with the Digital Business Lounge.

Get access to your digital business lounge for $


Buy a domain name of your choice or migrate domains from your host provider. Upload word press on your url the quickest and simplest way. Host as may domains as you like on the cloud hosting on DBL and create unlimited subdomains.

 Simple Lead Capture Page

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Use another domain to upload a squeeze page or use the simple lead capture page, a free customisable squeeze page builder.

Build unlimited landing pages with simple lead capture page, customise your link with tidy url  and put them on supercharge by attaching the social bar a social media link sharing option with a possibility of making your landing page viral.


Digital Business Lounge creates unlimited CPanel emails


Familiarise yourself with the Cpanel and FTP, do not worry if you don’t know how they work. The crucial aspects are to build your own niche website reflecting your character and writing style.


Expand your affiliate business with the strategies offered by experts should you wish to upgrade to the Six Figure Mentors Mentors membership.


You will benefit from brief and clear instructional videos on how to create your website within the digital business lounge using the latest WordPress 101 platform.


Make use of the Simpletrakk stats analytics, learn how to test your present campaigns to help your future approach and marketing efforts.


Convey your message and promote your services with quality content from the Digital Writers. Made to order relevant data for building your website content. Inject your character and adapt the content to your own personality.


Functions of Digital Business Lounge

Domain registration

Cloud Hosting

Instant wordpress uploader without the need of using fantastico

Have unlimited Cpanel Emails

Create and build Websites with WordPress 101

Tidy url link builder

Simple lead capture page

You tube player video software

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>>>To your success with the digital business lounge<<<





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Digital Business Lounge System

Digital Business Lounge Affiliate Business System

digital business lounge, digital business training, simpletrakk, digital writers, reg-dontache,digital online businessDigital Marketing is the successful promotion of products over the internet using modern cutting edge systems and strategies. The Digital Business Lounge is a software that brings together the creative tools for building and marketing a digital business which are simple to use.

The DBL system may bring more awareness to your business as an internet entrepreneur should you wish to put time into applying the acquired skills . Below you will be reading more about how this software may help you develop a digital online business for you.

Digital Business Lounge

Today, technology and commerce go hand in hand, making it almost impossible to thrive in the business world without an solid online presence. Having the right digital marketing tools has the potential to propell your efforts and determine your company’s success or failure.

The selection of internet marketing aids inside the Digital Business Lounge, will give your campaign a competitive edge and help you focus at one place and avoid trying different systems or searching for that ultimate solution.

Digital Business Lounge WordPress 101

For efficient delivery of services, a digital online business needs a good looking website to display it’s products. It tells your visitors a lot about the quality of the products when the webpage is arranged in a visually appealing manner.

The digital business lounge gives business owners a simple to set up Word press101 platform with short instructional videos on how to get more out if their sites.


The Digital Business Lounge Simpletrakk Analytics

For you to understand how your audience uses your website, you need to have a easy to use analytics tracking for your links. Simple track Analytics gives you a lot of interesting intelligence about your website’s visitors including how many are visiting each day, how many are returning a second time, what content they are most interested in, and much more. It gives you the ability to set up funnel tracking, simple tracking and split testing functions in a simplified manner.

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>>>Here are your complimentary videos for digital business lounge<<<




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Digital Business Lounge Grow Your Business

Digital Business Lounge Grow Your Business 

progressive digital business tools, digital business tools, web marketing strategies, digital marketing, digital business skills,digital experts academy, six figure mentors,Time saving and cutting edge digital business tools for marketing can give any business owner a great opportunity to grow their business. The DBL perfectly suits people who are thinking of sharing their skills or giving a service online as well as someone who already has an existing online business in need of a different angle for positive growth. The  digital business lounge tools may take your internet business to the desired level.

The Dbl gives an internet marketer the progressive digital business tools and inspires them to leverage the power of the internet  to attract their ideal consumers to their services and products. The Dbl makes advanced and sensible digital marketing software available to entrepreneurs who want to  familiarize with new skills.

Digital Business Lounge Optimizes Marketing Campaigns

This modern digital business software is suitable and will be very useful to internet marketing people focused on optimizing their digital marketing campaigns. There is even more value added as expert tutorials from the pro’s on how to create and grow a business website that showcase your passion and skills to your chosen marketplace.

A unique idea i like is the combined various marketing aids and easy functionality inside one digital business lounge having  all crucial aspects needed by entrepreneurs for executing difficult internet marketing strategies with ease .

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The digital business lounge makes it possible to business owners with no or limited web developer skills to create a respectable  website. The simple lead capture page software has useful functions showing practical steps to design interesting landing pages for pointing your potential customers to relevant services.

This post was created using the highly responsive word press theme inside the digital business lounge, and the aim is to show other entrepreneurs the power of this new software. For $ you can have one month trial and sufficient time to test drive and see if you like the digital business lounge.






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Digital Business Lounge A Solution To Local Business

Digital Business Lounge A Solution To Local Business

digitalbusinesslounge,expert digital business strategies, , DBL, digital business syatem, digital business solution, digital business lounge, digital marketing training, Digital business lounge is a practical digital marketing aid for struggling local business. Many business owners usually outsource almost all the important tasks for developing their business especially at the point when they take their business online. It’s good practice to understand the ins and out, and the components required to build a strong business online. Generally you may not be new to the business, but you may be a newbie when it comes to running your business on the internet.


The digital business lounge is a brilliant source of digital marketing training for business owners looking at knowing more about how their business run online or may want to adapt their business to a more responsive digital publishing platform with frequent and regular updates. The digital business system will help a large number of business owners evolve their approaches and strategies. Any place you are in the world as a business you might be missing out on local clients. Skill sets gained from the DBL training may equip you with the ability to optimise your services locally.


digitalbusinesssytem, digital business training, digital marketing, BDL, digital marketing training,stuart ross, jay kubassek,reg dontache, digital marketing aid, simple lead capture pageA cost effective educational system suitable for both newbies and experienced business owners with a clear map to follow. The digital business lounge is a highly responsive tool for building websites effortlessly. It was launched in January 2014. Becoming an active subscriber of the Digital business Lounge gives you access to expert digital business strategies from Pro’s.

Just to mention a few of the benefits of coming on board the Digital Business Lounge, you will know how to create an effective internet business funnel. The Simple Lead Capture Page is an efficient tool you will be given to create visually appealing lead capture pages. No more outsourcing of these services as you can easily execute them with the digital business lounge software.

Marketing Analysis is important to stay top of your statistics and finding the best method of predicting your future results. You will be shown how to measure the effects of your marketing efforts using Simpletrakk a software for analyzing your leads, conversions and marketing.

For simple steps on how to build your authority website using highly responsive wordpress themes keep looking for coming updates on Digital Business Lounge.



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