Digital Increase Profitable Transactions

digitaldisruptionDigital will continue to deliver effective multi-channel communications and more profitable transactions for business this year. The rapid pace at which business evolve and the impact of connecting with multiple channels can cause a digital disruption that attracts consumers and grow business. The past year has seen many conventional set ups benefit from disruptive transformation. It has become inevitable to run an engaging service without making digital transformation centric to core and operational activities.

I like the description below about the compelling nature of digital to business.

Digital is one of the key disruption initiatives being applied by business strategists and enterprise architects to wake-up moribund industries such as financial services, consumer packaged goods and fast moving consumer goods. It promises superior levels of engagement with customers for a fraction of the cost of conventional analog methods, amongst other strategic benefits.

Considering that many of these particular industry sectors spend 5-7% of their gross revenue on marketing and branding activities, it is not hard to see why the disruptive approach of digital is so compelling and attractive to them. 

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Digital Transactions

Businesses now understand the interconnected nature of digital channels as dominant platforms for serving customers needs. Marketing teams are taking up this emergent and powerful association between mobile applications and mobile internet devices. This connectivity has made it possible for highly efficient and various modes of communication between brands and their consumers.

The lively world of interconnected services in the internet of things from social platforms, (visual)video publishing sites, search engines and (audio) podcasts can be very pleasing for providers and recipients. The connection of web services to mobile devices on the go has brought a great level of versatility in the manner which business and clients relate.  

Digital has taken over marketing communications and is a driving factor for engagement between brands and consumers. It’s an excellent medium for upholding customer satisfaction today. Both the consumer and service provider are empowered through the convenience and speed at which valuable product data is shared and made available today.

Mobile and social media channels

Below are trends of mobile internet usage and activities of Smartphone usage in the UK over the past month.


The graph above reveals that the two areas most smartphone users visit on the internet are social media websites and video publishing websites. A good indication there is a great potential for video and social media marketing. People are more likely to consume product information visually or in social networks and it’s a good reason for service providers to adapt their approaches on creating strategies that merges both social and mobile efficiently. 





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