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If you’ve long wanted to leave your old life behind and begin a new career that will pay enormous dividends for your family, you will likely want to develop some appropriate digital business skills. Having taken your life in a new direction, you can reap significant monetary benefits while also leaving plenty of free time for leisure activities you’ve always wanted to pursue. By enrolling at the Digital Experts Academy, you can learn about online businesses quickly and efficiently.


Your end goal is likely to be a new career course that will provide you with extra income in the months and years ahead. With the assistance from the Digital Experts Academy, you’ll surely be successful. To create your ideal digital life, you need only progress through the various program levels until you’ve developed the skills necessary to become a world-class entrepreneur.


Foundations of the Program


The program, which was initiated by individuals who were intent on following their dreams, is designed for men and women who do not have a lot of experience. The Digital Experts Academy, in fact, is specifically meant to give high achievers every opportunity to meet with success in the field of digital marketing. By activating your private membership, you will be gently coaxed through a series of courses and workshops that will give you an edge on the competition.


As a collegiate-level program, the digital experts academy will be especially attractive to individuals who have become stuck in traditional career paths. Once you’ve graduated from the academy, you can immediately choose from a broad array of careers that will likely change your life for the better. The academy uses a five-tier training program that is designed to allow students to master certain key entrepreneurial concepts before they move on to the next level.


The Six-Figure Mentors


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The Six-Figure Mentors is the entry-level program. This particular level is designed to help you become an affiliate marketer. It offers quality training in the following areas:




Building your own website


Managing your online income


Developing digital business skills


Driving traffic to your website


Communicating with local and regional customers in your field of expertise


Support to Build Your Ideal Digital Life

You will also have access to technical support, discussion boards and an educational video that you can use to entice potential customers. Because affiliate marketers typically sell the products of others online for a commission, you’ll be capable of making admirable amounts of money in a short period of time. You’ll soon be able to create your ideal digital life.


Other Membership Levels Of Digital Experts Academy

digital business skills

The Digital Experts Academy also offers other methods by which you can hone your digital business skills. Once you’ve completed the Six-Figures Mentor program, you can progress through the following membership levels:




digital busines skills, the six figure mentors, digital experts academy, digital bloggersBriefly with the Digital Experts Academy silver membership you progress from entry level and have access to learning material that develops you into a digital entrepreneur. At the silver membership, you get an opportunity of utilizing the WeSkill e-learning platform, a global leader in professional development targeting your leadership and customer service skills. The course WeSkill course offer digital entrepreneurs a solid, purposeful business strategy. All of your training is delivered online where you can access it at your convenience and learning pace while you are gradually creating your ideal digital life.




create your ideal digital life, the six figure mentors, digital experts academyAs a gold member you benefit from 3 days Digital Marketing Bootcamp where you get trained and mentored by the world’s top Digital Marketing Experts. This is an ultra-exclusive training only available for Gold members. You receive weekly training in digital business skills in addition you have access to the training from the top Digital Marketing experts brought in by the DEA.





create your ideal digital life, digital bloggers, the six figure mentors, digital business skillsBECOMING A DIGITAL EXPERT:3-day Workshop in Digital Brand Building

At this level you are uplifted from being a Digital Marketer to a fully seasoned Digital Expert. The Digital Experts Academy helps you to unleash your uniqueness and capabilities. You are shown how to create your own expert brand and identity online. The Digital expert profile enhanced by the platinum membership positions you as creditable and an authority online.




digital business skills, digital experts academy, the six figure mentors, digital bloggersInvitation only to a retreat of the Digital Experts’ Mastermind. You are given a chance to partner with the DEA and joint venture with the founders as well become a possible partner. Black membership get to tap in the power of their distribution and affiliate publishing system. Platinum members are the only members given a chance to join Black membership. The Digital Experts’ Mastermind is hosted yearly by the Digital Experts Academy founders at an exotic, five star resort.

With a dedication, you’ll learn about business development, customer retention, leadership effectiveness and online branding. Some of the membership levels also offer intensive workshops to men and women who are committed to taking action and becoming wonderfully successful marketers.


Benefits of Attending the Digital Experts Academy


As you begin to create your ideal digital life, you’ll soon find that the advantages of developing new digital business skills are truly extraordinary. You can get out of debt, spend more time with your family and purchase a new house or car. As long as you are willing to visualize your future success and become proactive within the community, you’ll quickly build a loyal base of customers. Once you create your ideal digital life, you can become financially successful while finally achieving your long-term goals.

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