5 Effective Ways To Engage Blog Readers

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There is a lot of content on the internet today and many people don’t have a long time to search through the content for what they need.  The time spent on a page is therefore influenced by the formatting and relevance of the information provided to their query. There is a connection to low bounce rates and quality content. In this post, I am going to share five tips for increasing engagement and lowering the bounce rate of your pages. The best way is to create engaging topics without the help of headline generators but if you run out of ideas for generating quality headlines you can try the following.


A well-written headline incorporates the main keyword and draws people into the post to read further, the headline will increase interest if it reflects the value or benefit to the reader of whats been shared. The audience is likely to read when the topic has useful tips or info giving them relevant information.

HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator

A time-saving topic generator ideal for putting together topics from your choice of three nouns depending on which subjects you want to write about. You may find some spelling errors after generating your headlines, however it’s wise to customise and re-do the headlines to suit your audience.

The other is the content idea generator from portent can generate good frame for headlines. Just enter your keyword or subject in the space provided and click generate. It will come up with a few useful ideas. See it working here

jetpack by wordpress, wordpress, ways to engage blog readersThere is another resource I like to use is the advanced marketing value headline analyzer with more options to create your title focusing on different market categories. It reveal the emotional value of your topics and show a copyediting score in percentages for effectiveness. The Advanced Marketing Institute’s Headline Analyzer calculates the Emotional Marketing Value (EMV) of a headline. The headline analyzer shows which emotions your headlines will evoke on your customers.



Content creator puts information together that feeds the interests of a particular audience. For example, advice shared with a certain age group of people seeking solutions to a problem must have helpful advice and resources for solving problem. Making the content tailored to the audience will enhance their user experience and increase engagement. The theme in the content must benefit the readers, give them value and match their search queries in the search engines.

Researching Target Audience

Good researched topics give writer the ability to create right content for their targeted audience, information like hobbies, problem solving resources, and various ideas on how to do things. The shared data on the blog will increase readership when it meet the people’s interests. Current trends and updates attract the readers. The website is made more specific with various tools and software for showing keywords online.

3.Visuals Aids

A Visually appealing infographic and graphics images used together with words and videos are make for engaging posts. People are always searching for data from various internet browsers and devices so all content could be tailored and made adaptable on multi screens so that it reaches people wherever they are on their favourite devices.

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4.Comment Forms
A facility where readers can ask questions and leave comments builds more trust and will make them valued and listened to. The user experience improves and this further allows the tailoring of the content according to user responses and comments. I would like to share with you these two plugins I use which are efficient at involving readers on the blog leave their comments.

JetPack by WordPress

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An easy to install plugin packed with a lot of features and a great plugin for keeping the audience connected with your website. It allows subscribed readers to have your latest posts delivered in their emails. Jetpack has a customizable contact form where the audience can leave their contact details without them seeing your email address. The discussion settings on the plugin enable readers to leave comments

You can download Jetpack by word press here


Comments enable your visitors to use their WordPress.com, Twitter, or Facebook accounts when commenting on your site. Once you have jetpack plugin installed click the contact tab and you can easily install the contact form by clicking where it shows, add contact form like on screenshot below.


screenshot-jetpack.me 2016-01-04 12-52-32


If your business is focused more on consulting with clients or you would like to improve your blog readers experience further, you can use VCita a good resource for scheduling appointments making connections with your prospective clients. See video below and discover what Vcita can do for your business.

Below you can see the form after installation, showing fields for the readers to leave their names, emails, and comments. It encourages further engagement and a feedback process to be maintained with your audience.

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screenshot-jetpack.me 2016-01-04 12-54-10


Jetpack tries to match your site’s color scheme automatically, but you can make manual adjustments at the bottom of the Discussion Settings page. On the discussion setting page within jetpack, you can pick a few options on the comment setting and make it compulsory for commenting readers to fill out their names and emails, enable threaded comments and which comments(either old or new) should be displayed at the top of each page.

The best way to manage comments is to activate the option that allows manual approval of comments as this gives will give you enough time for moderation. Offensive words can be filtered in comments and blocked out for profanity. It has a lot of default and custom settings for improving the user experience.

5.Call to Action

A good call to action directs the audience to the right pages where they can get answers for what they have been searching for, further resources and other pages where they will discover more services. Readers identify with groups of same interest in social media places and forums. A clear link on a web page should direct readers to your social media pages and relevant business resource pages.

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