Mobile Marketing Has Profitable Effects

mobile advertising, mobile marketing, mobile marketing campaigns, micro moments, smartphone users, digital marketing, marketing, digital, mobileMobile marketing has evolved into a dominant strategy trusted by smart campaigners willing to take advantage of the popularity of mobile internet devices and smartphone usage. Today the shopping habits have changed with many people searching for products using their mobile devices before finally making purchases from desktops and visiting the high street. The customer journey starts from different touch points e.g a smartphone user may, while walking in the aisle search for a product on their smartphone which later influences their purchasing decision.

Mobile marketing may have a possible downside where the marketing campaigns may not reach the audiences if the website is not fully adjusted and friendly on smartphone browsers. This could be easily fixed, make the layout optimised for portable smartphones and tablet devices. 

Micro moments

Mobile marketing is effective when the campaign is more aligned with the smartphone user’s micro moments. If the marketing is done right, it can lead to growing profits for any kind of business. I like the way Google defines the smartphone user’s experience in these steps they call micro moments. I think marketers can have an advantage when they act quicker and smarter in meeting smartphone users needs. Brands need to give smartphone users useful content, at a swift pace and be there when they are needed. Being ready for the customer’s demand for services from anywhere at anytime.

Mobile marketing ads compatible with devices

Marketers can be creative with their marketing with the integration of mobile ads in their campaigns and also making the user experience of visitors from mobile devices smooth. Time spent on their webpages will increase as well as the potential customer engagement.

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82% of smartphone users say they consult their phones about purchases they are about to make in a store. 91% of them turn to their phones for ideas in the middle of a task. These micro-moments are critical touchpoints within today’s consumer journey, and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends. For ways to improve mobile marketing campaigns and learn more regarding the micro moments please read more: here

These are the things that shows a marketer is getting it right at improving the customer’s mobile experience and smartphone users like your website. A reduction in bounce rate may shows that the audience are offered relevant content and great value on mobile pages. More quality with the timing of offers will increase conversions and have visitors take the desired action and even revisit in the future. Tailored and timely content does not only increase the engagement from smartphone user’s increase revenue from optimised mobile marketing.

Mobile Marketing: Meet Consumers Needs

Mobile Marketing: Meet Consumers Needs


Updating business strategy seem inevitable with the pace of new digital innovations. The best method to keep up to pace is to train marketing teams and equip business with the most current digital marketing skills. Efficiently meeting buyers needs with a digital business means delivering the right service, at the right time, to the relevant people. This need for updating business strategies seems unavoidable and directly affected by the pace of new digital innovations. Today consumer demands are determined by their age, tastes, hobbies and places where they spent time on the internet. The use of internet on the go has even made shopping more pleasant for many service seekers. Brand and customer interactions have become more spontaneous with the emergence of new marketing focused on good user experiences.

Mobile Marketing Strategies

A business showing it’s products on mobile devices allows the consumer to customize their experience according to their personal tastes. Visible and accessible tabs with clear links taking clients to their searched products show that the brand know what clients are interested in and care about serving them. One important thing about mobile marketing is the presentation of material in a unique manner that grasp the attention of potential buyers. The user experience should be the main focus when designing efficient mobile marketing strategies.

Mobile Advertising

When developing a mobile marketing campaign, ensuring a campaign works across all available platforms is crucial. A good practice is for the marketing team to double check if their ad works, this confirms that they are not missing out on reaching an important market segment! Testing mobile advertising campaign on all mainstream devices is a must. Adwords Mobile give a good resource for mobile advertising with features to test and analyse the impact of mobile marketing campaigns. On the graph below i discovered that a huge number of people access the internet on mobile devices and smartphones and other mobile devices. Insights below on the smart shopper for home appliances in UK reveal in which parts of the purchase process did people use a smartphone? 2015-09-13 22-49-35

Mobile Marketing

It shows above that consumers search for products on their smartphones and compare different options first before finally making a purchase online or offline. There is a large segment of potential consumers for business  to reach using mobile advertising and mobile marketing.

Mobile Devices

Many potential customers using mobile devices will not see a website until it’ turned into a mobile-friendly platform. I think a content management system that offers a mobile plugin or the digital business lounge resource are great tools for mobile websites. A local business may employ the services of a digital advertising agency to build a solution. Either way, it is important to make your site look professional and engaging on mobile devices!

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