3 Tools For Sharpening List Building

3 Tools for sharpening list building
email, list building, my lead bar, simple lead capture page, the six figire mentors, internet marketing, businesssThe main thing i like about communicating by email is the ability of your message to inspire and influence people in a positive way. Many people come across some issues, and to write a theme that relieves their problems can be very useful. A blog as well as writing valuable emails are great methods for sharing info that give people new ideas to successfully manage different challenges.

This week i have been using app sumo to make my messages stand out from my blog. It’s a free wordpress plugin that could be used to show messages on the home page of your blog. Once you register with app sumo there are clear and simple to follow videos showing how to install the wordpress plugging on your website.

SumoMe wordpress plugin could be a great tool to maximise list building efforts. What i like about the plugin is that it’s easy to customise and to use when creating tailor made messages for your targeted audience. The useful bit is the list builder section in SumoMe which can be easily connected to your email auto-responder.

It works with popup that appears at the right time when someone visits and again when they leave the home page. There is an option to choose the position where the pop ups appears on the webpage. This can maximise the collection of email details on your blog.

2.Simple Lead Capture

Finally internet marketers can improve their list building efforts with a free, easy and efficient tool for creating their landing pages. Simple lead capture page is easily adaptable to the colour schemes of many webpages and messages can be written in a way that appeals to the targeted audience.

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3.My leadbar wordpress plugin

The action of building relationships with your customers can be boosted by using the my leadbar wordpress plugin that could increase a business owner’s engagement with their website visitors. With my lead bar plugin clients who leave their contact details will receive free 7 days marketing bootcamp videos from the six figure mentors to help them build their online business.





Six Figure Mentors: 7 Ways To Self Sufficiency

six figure mentors, sfm, digital business skills, self sufficiency, online business, online business skills, digital business system, digital businessSix figure mentors is a great resource for developing the trait of self sufficiency. Wether you are imagining or building a picture of what you want , it could be that lifestyle you have been yearning for. It’s a good thing to be imaginative as it allows one to build a picture of what they exactly want. In this post i am going to share with you a vehicle that can help develop your self sufficiency.


1.Proactive habits

A proactive mindset can help an entrepreneurs leverage their efforts by working hard today and set up a solid foundation for growth in the future. I think setting up a stromg foundation and building today for tomorrow will help increase self sufficiency in the future.


2. Use of existing skills

Someone may nurture their self sufficiency through further developing and mastering the skillsets they already possess. Every person has some sort of skill they have or aspire to be good at. Many people with individual skills learn efficient ways to make them profitable with the six figure mentors digital business system.Learning touse one’s knowledge constructively will increase their self sufficiency annd gives them all the benefits that comes with being self reliant.


3.Traits promoting persistency

The SFM gives a good environment to promote what one believes in. Entrepreneurs gain hints and ideas on how to develop consistent traits. If someone is driven by ambition to reach out and create the life they want, then the six figure mentors will help them develop habits to become productive and persistent in the pursuit  of their goals. Achieving the planned goals will deliver profitable gains and great levels of self sufficiency.

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4.Believing in oneself

online business, online business skills, self sufficiency, six figure mentors, digital business skills, digital business, self sufficiency in business, internet business skills, internet business, use of existing skillsBusiness owners at times have moments where they get doubts and become a little uneasy, especially when they start new ventures due to the worry they are not yet familiar with the new tools, strategies and skills to bring the success they need. The Six Figure Mentors digital business system give the best tools and is a good place to learn new business skills. When entrepreneurs continously practice and strive to master the neccessary tasks, they grow in self belief, they accomplish their targets and realize the self sufficiency level they want.


5.A constructive and adaptable approach

Internet and digital business skills are dynamic all the time and they often require some level of adaptability and flexibility from the modern business owner. A source for good online business skills help learners to be dynamic and able to change with the times and demands of their online business. With consistent habits instilled at the six figure mentors, business owners can increase both their self sufficiency and positive results.


6.Leadership Skills

self sufficiency, six fih=gure mentors, the six figure mentors, digital business skills, leadership skills, online business, online business skills, digital business, create the life you want, internet business, internet business skills, internet marketingLeadership development with the Six Figure Mentors give ordinary people opportunities of becoming team leaders of other aspiring entrepreneurs. Experienced internet business entrepreneurs orientate and introduce aspiring business owners to the system.  The position of being able to orientate others increases skills for solving problems and leadership. With the SFM one can create a solid knowledge base that increases their self reliant habits in business.


7.Communicating through video and text

Writing quality content in blogs and talking on video will help deliver valuable solutions to people in need. A business owner who creates loyalty with a good base of clients has an excellent opportunity of improving success and self sufficiency. Accessing efficient business tools and mindset development exercises for entrepreneurs is possible at the six figure mentors.