5 Benefits Of Creating A Business With Six Figure Mentors

5 Benefits Of Starting A Business With Six Figure Mentors

The Six Figure Mentors, digital business system, digital business training, internet marketing resources, digital business lounge, digital experts academyIf you consider starting an online business and are fond of quality products and would also like to work with products you are excited about. Enjoying marketing brings out the feeling of excitement in what you do, the more invested you will be, the more hard work you will put in to create a financial and personal success.

1.Starting your home business with the Six Figure Mentors not only gives you an opportunity to become an affiliate of the leading digital business product but will give you the marketing tools and resources for your business.


2.Potential Of Reaching Global Market

The Six Figure Mentors business could be started working from home anywhere in the world and has a great potential of reaching a global market, It’s not limited to an entrepreneur’s local area. A business with the Six Figure Mentors will help an entrepreneur to gain advanced internet marketing skills, give their business a huge exposure and reach of consumers all over the world.


3.Weekly Live Training

Experienced internet marketing trainers host webinar weekly sharing the latest cutting edge internet marketing techniques for members of the Six Figure Mentors. Many different strategies are covered to show the members effective ways for developing their business further.


4.A Choice of Different Level of Memberships

The Six Figure Mentors gives different membership levels to all type of budget and internet business skills. A perspective member has a choice from INTRO, BASIC AND ELITE Memberships. There is also a possibility for the new member to become an affiliate of the Digital Experts Academy and receive coaching from leading digital marketing experts.

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5.Latest Business Resources Online

Marketing trainers reveal updated advertising techniques and sources where entrepreneurs could advertise their websites at a cost that fits their budgets. With the SFM membership enrolled members get to use the digital business lounge portal, a single place where all the core internet marketing tools are situated. The Digital Business Lounge gives SFM members an edge with it’s resourceful tools. With these resources members are allowed to start small at advertising and build up with experience. The analytics system in place identifies worthwhile advert channels that brings in more return on profits.

Entrepreneurs truly have an efficient digital business training system with The Six FigureMentors.


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Brain and Physical Performance Tips For Entrepreneurs

imagesEntrepreneur Health And Optimizing Brain and Physical Performance. Often entrepreneurs spent long hours working on their projects and many hardworking businessmen are capable of sleeping only up to 5 hours per night. It is well noted that lack of sleep and tiredness can affect the productivity of people. A minor adjustment in lifestyles and change in eating habits is a great start. Exercise and adopting active physical habits will have a positive impact on an entrepreneur’s performance.


Consume Natural Energy Foods

Eating foods which naturally are a source of high energy like almonds and cashew nuts. Making a habit of eating high energy breakfast like bran flakes daily . To be included in weekly diet, fish is a must have food preferably Halibut which is high magnesium and omega 3 fish oils known to enhance optimal brain performance.

Fruits contain natural sugars essential for keeping the levels of sugar in the blood at energetic levels and are high in fibre which takes good care of the digestive system and release toxins from the body. A mixed fruit smoothie is an excellent substitute of five a day fruit and vegetables intake.


Natural High Energy Supplements For Entrepreneurs

There are various natural multivitamins supplied over the counter. Ferroglobin can help reduce tiredness and fatigue commonly suffered by many entrepreneurs, it helps by increasing iron levels and red blood levels in the blood.

Other supplement like gingko ginseng can increase mental alertness and functioning of the brain. Improve concentration levels especially when going to seminars or watching those new videos showing the latest marketing strategies. These natural supplements are readily available in pharmacies on the high street.


Physical Activity

A daily walk at least 1 mile around your local area gives an opportunity to think in a casual and relaxed manner and enjoy the fresh air and natural scenery. This could even be more effective if walking is combined with listening to a mind performance podcast.

Engaging in active physical exercise like jogging, or even make it interesting by running locally with friends. It will help keep muscles toned and mind healthy, increase a person levels of energy whilst at the same time improving their sleep.

Comfortable workspace like a soft padded chair with suitable back support  placed next to a good height table makes it easy for the computer screen to be at a comfortable line with the eye level. Finally shot and frequent breaks and leg stretches will help keep the blood circulation in the lower limbs.

Hope you enjoy your daily entrepreneurial tasks while you apply our brain and physical performance building tips.

To your success



Starting A Home Business With The Six Figure Mentors

Starting A Home Business With The Six Figure Mentors

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Starting a home business with six figure mentors might be a wise decision if you have always dreamed of having a business, it is one of the best in creating a business online. Setting up a home business is smart to do if you have done a fair amount research beforehand and have an idea what to expect.


Opting for the SFM may save one time of going through the extensive research, the Six Figure Mentors is a brilliant system for starting a home business without the need of conventional business plans. Starting a home business with the Six Figure Mentors helps people to start up fast . The support dept at SFM promptly set up new member’s marketing systems and take care of legal aspects of their online business. People will be buying into a system where they will be taught step by step all the aspects of running a home business.


Starting a home business with the Six Figure Mentors does not require a person to be qualified to degree, matriculation or A levels. Previous home business experience is not necessary as clear instructional tutorials available through the SFM membership, will teach anyone with a computer and internet connection how to build an online business.

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There are quite a few membership options offered at entry level into the SFM system. Starting a home business with the Six Figure Mentors gives an entrepreneur basic membership, there is also a great opportunity to scale even further if they decide to join the Digital Experts Academy with memberships progressing from Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black.


When working from home, a business owner can easily get isolated working alone. It’s important to feel part of a community when running a business from home , thats where to get support and new ideas when creating a strong online presence for business. One of the benefits of starting a home business with the Six Figure Mentors is the support you get from others members in their community.


It can be quite profitable to build a home business. Finding the right source of business marketing courses surely gives an advantage and increase the chance of success. Developing good web marketing skills and great income can be accomplished from starting a home business with the six figure mentors.

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Digital Business Lounge Masters 2014

Digital Business Lounge Masters 2014

digital business lounge, masters 2014, golf, golfers, interntet marketers, digital business system, digital entrepreneurs, entrereneurs, spectators, digital experts academyThe digital business lounge internet marketing software will create digital business masters in 2014 and beyond. Internet marketing could be compared to the game of golf as it’s a skill set that need time and practice to master. For positive results they both need careful execution using the right equipment and resources.


Resources available inside the digital business lounge are for internet marketers like the latest and advanced professional clubs that golfers are using at the 2014 US Masters Golf Tournament. With the golfers going about their game as entrepreneurs applying cutting edge digital marketing strategies to deliver quality services for customers as would golfers display skills pleasant on the eyes of their spectators.


The DBL software gives members an array of modern and essential internet marketing tools which they can use to generate successful business campaigns. Smart play with tools like youtube video player, simple lead capture page landing page creator software, simpletrakk campaign measuring tool, tidy url link shortener and cloaker will increase the chances of having more winning campaigns. If they are properly used they will surely deliver and under par performance. Golf lovers who would like to have a go at creating an online business can have a go. The digital business lounge gives internet marketers a great advantage to become digital business masters in 2014.

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Fast Online Business Startup For Newbies

Fast  Online Business Startup For Newbies

Many people with an ambition of starting their business online have limited information on where they could get the best resources for creating websites for their business. The approach of  just giving it a good try might be a recipe for failure due to high risk of spending money on unprofitable campaigns and ventures. Having a fast online business startup will take more than just making the right research and arriving at the right product.

fast online business startup, digital business lounge, newbies, new internet marketers, six figure mentors, digital experts academy, Many new internet marketers might end up wasting a lot of money moving from product to product whilst chasing a perfect business opportunity that requires less work and brings in huge profits. The reality is, a successful business is build with a hard working ethic and the proper application of skills sets. Therefore, people should bear in mind that for starting up fast in creating an online business, the two most essential parts for bringing success are dedication and high levels of commitment.

Business skills for fast online business startup

For business skills to have an impact on any business they will need to come from reliable sources, be tested and proven. There are  false outdated strategies online that may mislead many inexperienced internet business owners looking for a fast online business startup. A reliable method is gaining efficient skill sets is from the experts and mentors who have accomplished the same business goals.


A fast online business startup should be stress free, affordable and effective. It’s possible through using one software made up of all the internet marketing tools a webmaster needs to run an online business. The digital business lounge is the simplest point and click internet marketing software that will enable a newbie create a website in a cost effective manner at the quickest time.

Steps needed for fast online business startup

1.Prior to starting an online business a person must buy a domain name from a domain seller

2.Register and host a domain name with a hosting service

3.Upload files on the domain using the most popular of publishing platforms and the easiest to update, WordPress is highly recommended to new starters.

4.Create a functional website for displaying your services online

5.Get a quality product to sell on your website.

6.Publish content on websites relating to the services on display.

7.Create and insert links in the right places for taking potential customers to specific webpages.

8.Get taught on how to effectively use publishing platform like WordPress.

  1. Learn the latest internet marketing strategies the right way and know about the laptop lifestyle

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I would like to introduce the digital business lounge, a newbie friendly internet marketing resource for budding entrepreneurs looking for a fast online business startup. Web business owners may often feel isolated and needing support running their web business. The DBL has a very effective support service to it’s members.  I remember when I accidently deleted my WordPress blog previously and how the support managed to get it up and working again.

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Digital Marketing With Digital Business Lounge

dbl,digital marketing, business lounge, digital business system, digital business, create websitesDigital marketing with the digital business lounge can save a lot of time Applying the digital business lounge resources to improve your internet marketing approaches and meet the demands of your customers.
It’s applicable to different niches , It ‘s a fact that many online businesses irrespective of what services they promote they need some sort of digital marketing to display what they sell, tracking their campaigns and delivering quality solutions to prospective clients.
The digital business lounge has a range of helpful and time saving tools any level of marketer will find useful to help their online business achieve this. The DBL is easy to implement and cost effective. It does not necessarily need a deep knowledge of IT for anyone to operate it’s digital marketing aids.
The dbl will help entrepreneurs to operate their digital marketing campaigns and generate successful outcomes for their online business. It is great as it gives internet marketers to learn new simple ways to apply their digital marketing tasks and it is not automated.
Digital marketing with the digital business lounge  may increase the productivity of business people working on the internet, it requires enthusiasm and a hardworking approach as it is not a false automated tool or a lazy method to make money online. The practicality of the Dbl will boost the efficiency of existing business campaigns and enrich users with new digital marketing skills
  • Easy WordPress Install
  • Clear CuttingEdge WordPress Tutorials
  • Unlimited Website Hosting
  • Access to FTP Programmes
  • Create unlimited Emails
  • Campaign tracking with Simpletrakk
  • Free Link Shorteners with Tidyurl
  • Create engaging lead capture pages with Simple Lead Capture Page
  • You Tube player video customization software
  • Access to quality content at Digital Writers
  • Buy Domains or migrate your existing ones from other hosts
  • Highly responsive wordpress themes
 With a $ trial the digital business lounge can be instantly accessed. Should a member of the digital business lounge wish to upgrade they get an opportunity to follow a clear and direct path to building their authority website guided by leading digital marketing experts and pros at the Six Figure Mentors and Digital experts Academy.

Digital Business Lounge Delivers Affiliate Marketing Skills

Digital Business Lounge Delivers Affiliate Marketing Skills

Digital business lounge gives you a great option to gain affiliate marketing skills.  Their marketing system delivers the latest digital marketing training through video materials, webinars, skype, google hangouts ,their blogging community and leading digital business pros.




Digital business lounge interactive lessons are shared to members who upgrade to the SFM and Digital Experts Academy. They have an opportunity to get immersed in online meetings and receive high quality digital marketing training. These digital business skills are imparted on live video tutorials at scheduled times. The participants are given an option for attending by special invitation from the hosts. Latest subjects incorporating the latest digital marketing strategies are shared in these valuable webinars.


Blogging community

affiliate marketing skills,internet marketing coaches,develop business skills, digital business training, digital business skills, digital marketing, digital entrepreneur, digital marketing skills, digital business skills, digital marketing training, reg dontache, stuart ross, jay kubassek, digital experts academy, the six figure mentorsWith the Six Figure Mentors and Digital Bloggers blogging communities a signee may feel a sense of identity and belonging to an exclusive private group. Through their forum a member can build good and beneficial relationships and develop business skills along the way. The community members are always willing to help new members. A starter may ask other experienced digital marketers in a forum and gain quality answers and solutions free of charge.


Internet Marketing Coaches

The digital business lounge gives access to internet marketing coaches. A mentor can help you by giving you a sense of reassurance and positive feedback. This can boost your confidence to learn from another experienced person in your field of business. To get the approval and confirmation for task well carried out persuades you do more.

Upgrading to Six Figure Mentors will enable a person to use it’s marketing tools, resources and coaching from experts. The SFM is a brilliant source for learning up to date internet marketing strategies and skills. An  internet entrepreneur may develop into a good mentor and coach with advanced skills and learning programs at six figure mentors and the digital business lounge.

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Build Innovative Campaigns With Digital Business Lounge

The Digital Business Lounge

digitalbusinesslounge, affiliate marketing with the digital business lounge,

Digital Business Lounge could make affiliate marketing a successful business venture. It could also be used as a vehicle by many internet marketers  for acquiring more revenue. Digital entrepreneurs may take advantage of this internet marketing software to increase their profits. If you are an internet entrepreneur who wants to use affiliate marketing as a way to raise income, then pay close attention to the helpful tips in this article.

To get the most out of the digital business lounge program, it’s vital for the internet marketer to know their targeted market. Once an entrepreneur build their business website with the wordpress 101 highly responsive web templates. Website editors may curate their content to meet the needs of their targeted audience. The simpletrakking software may be used to find out why people are coming to your site and what they are looking for. Ensure that you provide authentic services of high value. Focus on subjects that are relevant to the products you promote and are more likely to give your audience practical solutions.

Increase your productivity with the digital business lounge is about mindset just as much as it is about action. So in order to make sure you have the proper mindset, you should always wait until you experience results on your existing campaigns before increasing on your campaign. Results will give you the confidence to expand and the drive to follow through.


Maximum Use Of Digital Business Lounge

digital business lounge,other affiliate programs, latest marketing strategies,affiliate marketing, wordpress 101, digital writers, simpletrakk, affiliate marketing campaignsBecause it’s unique and helpful content that engages your readers to your site, Information on your website must always be your topmost priority. As a business blogger you need to create information of high quality. For your content needs you may make maximum use of the digital writers resources within the digital business lounge, it will enhance your campaigns and make increase readership. Again try and not lose focus on giving solutions as this will cause you a loss in readers, and with the readers gone, the earnings will plummet.


Digital Business Lounge Innovative Trends

Do your best to monitor the new trends and latest features of other affiliate programs. Improve the look of your webpages with wordpress 101 and your links with tidy url link management software. It’s better to keep affiliate marketing campaigns new and innovative so they remain valuable to your readers. There are always new features and opportunities, following the digital business lounge videos may help you remain interested in updating your programs. When given a lot of quality website visitors will show appreciation to the service you give!



To make the most income from your affiliate marketing efforts you need to direct your time and energy on meeting customer’s interests. Like said before give a large amount of value, when the audience finds that your pages are full of the information they want, they are more likely to be interested in the ads you have about the same subject.

A great tip for new affiliate marketers is to make sure you give your site enough time to succeed. Creating a work-free website does not happen overnight, so make sure that you give yourself plenty of time to achieve your goals. Continue to  customize your site with digital business lounge and follow their tutorials to make your site more successful.

As stated before in the introduction for this article, affiliate marketing with the digital business lounge may be a very successful business tactic. Using the latest strategies wisely to boost revenue and testing the impact of your advertising are some of the uses of resources inside the digital business lounge.

>>>To your success with with the digital business lounge<<<




Reg Dontache


Build Online Business With Six Figure Mentors

Six Figure Mentors

digital business system, digital experts academy, the six figure mentors syatem for working from home, digital marketing trainingWhilst searching on the internet one day i came across the Six Figure Mentors and met my mentor Stuart Ross. Although i did not buy into his product the first time, i remember i was very skeptical as a result of previous disappointment with my attempts at internet marketing , i  joined Stuart’s list and within a short space of time started receiving great tips and free valuable advice about resources and strategies on the topics of internet marketing and creating an income online.

I was impressed by the  value he was giving, and i took the 14 days trial of the Six Figure Mentors which i upgraded to full membership at the end of the trial. I remember where i have come from since joining the Six Figure Mentors, today i have gained skills and improved my internet business knowledge with quality expert digital business tutorials from The Six Figure Mentors and The Digital Experts Academy.

The Six Figure Mentors And Digital Experts Academy

dea, the six figure mentors, digital experts academy, internet marketing, digital business strategies, online business skillsThe Six Figure Mentors and The DEA give the latest internet business skills from leading digital marketing experts Stuart Ross  and Jay Kubassek. Their system is mainly focused at giving a helping hand to internet entrepreneur. All the complicated steps new internet business owners come across when they start a business online were well researched by the Six Figure Mentors and The Digital Experts Academy. The have build exceptional products which are easy to use by all levels of internet business entrepreneurs.



I will briefly share what services a new member will benefit from, once they come on board the Six Figure Mentors. A member is given his own personal website on a wordpress platform. Immidiate access to high quality training tools, marketing resources and tutorials guiding them on a step by step route towards building a solid internet business.

The Six Figure Mentors business form part of a comprehensive range of digital business systems which include The Digital Experts Academy and currently the Digital Business lounge.

Digital Experts Academy is made up of four levels of entrepreneurial course namely Silver, Gold, Platinum and Black. The Six Figure Mentors is made out of basic level and Elite level. More on the composition of this brilliant community of internet entrepreneurs is shared within the trial of the Six Figure Mentors.

>>>Your Complementary Internet Marketing Videos By The Six Figure Mentors<<<

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Test Your Marketing Campaigns Inside Digital Business Lounge


Digital Business Lounge Test Your Digital Marketing Campaigns


simpletrakk, test your digital campaigns, digital business system, digital business lounge, digital marketing training, digital business tips, Great success always goes to entrepreneurs who work smart. While it may mean putting in a lot of effort to make your digital business campaigns work, the results can be stellar if you know how to use the right resources. The digital business lounge will guide you through some new approaches you can use for improving your internet marketing and refining your digital marketing tasks.


Using our resources may assist you and even make going for your business goals enjoyable and smooth. Below i will be sharing what advantages Digital Business Lounge may bring to your internet marketing and your business.

Simpletrakk will help you measure your campaigns

Simple Tracking

It’s simple to test your marketing efforts inside the digital business lounge with simpletrakk software. All you need to do is input the link of the page you want to track into the software and generate a simple tracking code. Take the code and  insert the code as instructed on the order or confirmation page. Sit back and analyse the statistics. Pick the pages and campaigns that are winners in return on investment. Maximise, repeat and scale up all the successful campaigns.


Funnel Tracking


Name your funnel campaign to later distinguish the most progressive one you can repeat. Create a simple track funnel label and income category you want tracking.

simple tracking, digital marketing campaings, digital business lounge, digital experts academy, digital marketing experts, digital business training, the six figure mentors, digital business tools


Split testing


You can create your new split test tracking campaign by giving it a name. Enter the precise url’s of the pages you would like to split test. Test the amount you want per action. Pick the one with the least money per action or the one with the best conversion. The above actions are easy to do with the simpletrakk analytical software. You enter a few webpage urls, generate a code and paste it on the pages you want to track and thereafter you analyse the stats. Remember it’s a crucial element of internet  marketing to test your digital marketing campaigns.


Digital Writers In Digital Business Lounge

simpletrakk,digital writers, digital business lounge, digital marketing tools, digital business, digital business


To have a real presence online and start generating an income, a great product, a functional modern website and people really interested in the services you offer. A very good quality of content is crucial for meeting the needs of a quality audience. We at the digital business lounge we give website owners an option to order content they required in their different categories of business. Experienced entrepreneurs write high quality articles as per order and instruction to help your consumers information needs. A terrific way to promote your services and update your blogs continuously at the same time increasing your website’s presence on the search engines. Used consistently with the right keywords in the text you order our digital writers content source will help you establish a substantial following from your targeted blog readers.


The Six Figure Mentors

Should you decide to join the Six Figure Mentors you will have an advantage of being taught advanced digital business marketing skills and benefit from expert training on the latest digital business strategies. You will also be given free membership to our Six Figures Mentors Community and instantly become a member of the forum where you will interact with other members at the internet forum and talk about digital business topics. With the Six Figure Mentors you gain access to efficient resources, lead generation and digital marketing training. There is immense value in joining the SFM, DEA and the digital business lounge.

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