Online Video Advertising

Online video advertising

online video advertising, online video ads, online video marketing, digital business lounge, six figure mentors, vide marketing tipsVideo ads are fast becoming the new medium to grow digital business more than tv, search and other digital ad markets as business insider reveals. Paid video adverts at video publishing sites are easy to customize  and this functionality enable business campaigners to attract the suitable target of audience they aim for. It was discovered that the average CTR(click through rate) of online video ads to be 1.84%, which is the highest of all digital ads formats.

That’s faster than any other medium other than mobile. And much faster than traditional online display advertising, which will only grow at a 3% annual rate. In a new report from BI Intelligence, the key drivers of the skyrocketing growth of video ads were explored and the cost and performance of the emerging digital ad format examined. They looked at the major players that are shaping the industry and found online video ads were growing faster than most other advertising formats and mediums.

Their projection reflects video ad revenue will increase at a three-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.5% through 2016, according to their estimates which i think makes video marketing a potentially good ad strategy to consider.

A good reason that makes promoting products through video so effective is the popularity of videos and frequent use of video sites by audience. The viewers are more likely to want the product when influenced by a clear formatted video demonstration. BI intelligence has analyzed a report where they found that video ads are becoming more affordable for business owners and many campaigners are encouraged by the steady decline in advert video advertising, online video marketing, video marketing tips, online business, video marketing straregies

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