My Ideal Week

At the end of my week i would like to check my diary and have a genuine feeling of satisfaction. Especially when i realize what i have managed to complete in all the tasks i set out to do. I imagine my happiness and motivation levels being high.

When i review personal time spent it should give me a real feeling of contentment inside. I feel more peaceful and confident from all the meditation. When i look at my family i see that my wife and children are  happy. The ambience and feel in the house is warm and relaxed. No worries everyone is happy. The atmosphere in our house will be one of happiness and love.

Physically i will be feeling energized and healthy from all the physical exercise i have taken that week. Health and satisfaction within from learning what i have accomplished in all my set goals and from helping other entrepreneurs that week. I would have accomplished at least 10 leads a day from my marketing tasks and advertising.

At the end of my week i would like to have learned a new digital business skill and to have implemented the knowledge to grow my business. At the end of the week i would have shared and given quality time to my wife and children. I would have attended to leisure activities with my family and also my spiritual needs.


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