Mobile Marketing Has Profitable Effects

mobile advertising, mobile marketing, mobile marketing campaigns, micro moments, smartphone users, digital marketing, marketing, digital, mobileMobile marketing has evolved into a dominant strategy trusted by smart campaigners willing to take advantage of the popularity of mobile internet devices and smartphone usage. Today the shopping habits have changed with many people searching for products using their mobile devices before finally making purchases from desktops and visiting the high street. The customer journey starts from different touch points e.g a smartphone user may, while walking in the aisle search for a product on their smartphone which later influences their purchasing decision.

Mobile marketing may have a possible downside where the marketing campaigns may not reach the audiences if the website is not fully adjusted and friendly on smartphone browsers. This could be easily fixed, make the layout optimised for portable smartphones and tablet devices. 

Micro moments

Mobile marketing is effective when the campaign is more aligned with the smartphone user’s micro moments. If the marketing is done right, it can lead to growing profits for any kind of business. I like the way Google defines the smartphone user’s experience in these steps they call micro moments. I think marketers can have an advantage when they act quicker and smarter in meeting smartphone users needs. Brands need to give smartphone users useful content, at a swift pace and be there when they are needed. Being ready for the customer’s demand for services from anywhere at anytime.

Mobile marketing ads compatible with devices

Marketers can be creative with their marketing with the integration of mobile ads in their campaigns and also making the user experience of visitors from mobile devices smooth. Time spent on their webpages will increase as well as the potential customer engagement.

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82% of smartphone users say they consult their phones about purchases they are about to make in a store. 91% of them turn to their phones for ideas in the middle of a task. These micro-moments are critical touchpoints within today’s consumer journey, and when added together, they ultimately determine how that journey ends. For ways to improve mobile marketing campaigns and learn more regarding the micro moments please read more: here

These are the things that shows a marketer is getting it right at improving the customer’s mobile experience and smartphone users like your website. A reduction in bounce rate may shows that the audience are offered relevant content and great value on mobile pages. More quality with the timing of offers will increase conversions and have visitors take the desired action and even revisit in the future. Tailored and timely content does not only increase the engagement from smartphone user’s increase revenue from optimised mobile marketing.

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