Digital Disruption: 4 Reasons Business Should Embrace Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption: 4 Reasons Why Business Should Embrace Digital Disruption

iphone5layinglt_400x300The convenience Mobile internet usage gives to millions of shoppers means searching the internet with a mobile device has eclipsed the usage of desktops for accessing the internet. The versatile nature and freedom of movement when using these smart devices gives advertisers unlimited potential to reach out to customers anywhere, at the time they like with their favourite devices.


Digital marketers who understand the efficiency of multiple marketing channels have realised the need to sharpen content delivery. They have made their content consumable on various types of channels and highly visible on mobile devices. They have taken up to new content creation tools and formats allowing audiences to easily locate their services. This current wave of change makes digital marketing interesting and unleashes a disruptive effect and accelerates the uprooting of stale and stagnant business practices. It’s inevitable for business to use this transformation period for re-energising and evolving their content marketing according to the needs of modern consumers in the online environment.

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A mobile search study by Google reveals that 56% On the go smartphone searches are local searches and 51% In-store smartphone searches are local searches. These statistics give our advertisers a huge potential for audience penetration and the scope for increasing product awareness. The graph below from our mobile planet with Google shows the number of people and demographics of people using smartphones for purchasing goods on the internet.


I think it’s crucial for business to adapt their websites to modern mobile devices to maximise display time of their products and eventually gain a good penetration of the market. Easy to navigate mobile site revealing clear contact numbers or email support allowing potential clients make more product inquiries. Mobile friendly websites give businesses more exposure to visitors searching through mobile internet devices. Ignoring this may cost a 46% loss of potential smartphone purchasers and a large segment of their target market. In the coming few months, a large numbers of business displaying their services on the internet will maximise their mobile channels for reaching out their consumers.


Display advertising has evolved from simple banners to interactive and timely popups and annotations on videos and web pages. Marketers can now reveal highly targeted promotional marketing messages. The display screen is carried everywhere today and it’s always connected to the internet in different sizes on portable devices. In the next few weeks people will be able to access the internet using a wearable device like a watch. Business could be more disruptive and benefit from being more versatile and creative in their display campaigns.

There are tools for measuring the impact of display campaigns like the display benchmarks tool can help a business understand how their display campaigns compare to those across the rest of the ad industry. The tool lets you pull up-to-date industry benchmarks such as click through rates. Things such as interaction rate and time, expansion rate and video completion. Read more about benchmark tool: HERE

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Videos could be blended in a disruptive manner to content marketing. Little snippets of quality content put together in an episode of four to five minute videos. Better still this could be done for a brand by celebrities, bloggers and prominent personalities influential in a certain niche.

The ability to make creative videos could promote a more pleasant service delivery in an exciting way the typical consumer likes. Video content could be provided through the use of intelligent metrics and response to consumer needs. Serving the right content at the right place and the right time.

The ability to make creative videos can enhance a more pleasant service delivery in exciting ways the typical consumer likes. Video content could be provided through the use of intelligent metrics and response to consumer needs. Serving the right content at the right place and the right time.

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