Chrome Browser Extensions For Crafting Perfect BlogPosts

Chrome Browser Extensions for Crafting Perfect Blogposts

writingI would like to share the following resources I have been using to create content and blog posts. These Google chrome extensions could save a lot of time and they are a great addition in your browser. The chrome’s ability to upload different useful extension could help increase productivity in writing. They are quickly accessible whenever they are needed, they are easy to install and free on the Chrome web store.


When creating writing projects where a specific number of words are required, counting word with word counter can easily do the job. Inside Word counter common keywords are shown in the written work. It does check the keyword density on your content although it doesn’t have the same functionality like Seo Pressor. WordCounter has an option for analyzing the difficulty of your article and identifying the level of difficulty your readers may experience on the reading the text. It has a spell check function for fixing those typos before publishing. There is an option you turn on for support of non-latin languages. I like the word density counter as it can tell you which words have been mostly used

2.Pxlr Express

For effective photo editing and effects, Pxlr Express app is my favorite. Image file size can be measured to perfection before uploading on website media space giving content creators a great benefit of saving file size space. With the various functions, a wide choice is given when working on images. The app is compatible with both windows and mac operating systems. It gives you three options Pixlr Editor for meeting your editing needs, Pixlr Express for quick photo editing and for putting a personal touch and Pixlr Omatic useful for putting retro and vintage effects on your photos. A really great tool to express creativity. The app has good support service and easy to follow instructional video tutorials.


Scribe fire an extension for the chrome browser that allows you to write content and post it to your blog with the click of a the button. There is an option that allows publishing posts straight from scribe fire to WordPress blogs once they are connected to scribe fire. Pictures can be cut and pasted on Scribefire when used as an extension of the chrome browser. Sribefire allows editing of html code and markdown. From scribe fire posting is made possible by the connecting the XML-RPC publishing interface to allow remote publishing on WordPress.

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