Brain and Physical Performance Tips For Entrepreneurs

imagesEntrepreneur Health And Optimizing Brain and Physical Performance. Often entrepreneurs spent long hours working on their projects and many hardworking businessmen are capable of sleeping only up to 5 hours per night. It is well noted that lack of sleep and tiredness can affect the productivity of people. A minor adjustment in lifestyles and change in eating habits is a great start. Exercise and adopting active physical habits will have a positive impact on an entrepreneur’s performance.


Consume Natural Energy Foods

Eating foods which naturally are a source of high energy like almonds and cashew nuts. Making a habit of eating high energy breakfast like bran flakes daily . To be included in weekly diet, fish is a must have food preferably Halibut which is high magnesium and omega 3 fish oils known to enhance optimal brain performance.

Fruits contain natural sugars essential for keeping the levels of sugar in the blood at energetic levels and are high in fibre which takes good care of the digestive system and release toxins from the body. A mixed fruit smoothie is an excellent substitute of five a day fruit and vegetables intake.


Natural High Energy Supplements For Entrepreneurs

There are various natural multivitamins supplied over the counter. Ferroglobin can help reduce tiredness and fatigue commonly suffered by many entrepreneurs, it helps by increasing iron levels and red blood levels in the blood.

Other supplement like gingko ginseng can increase mental alertness and functioning of the brain. Improve concentration levels especially when going to seminars or watching those new videos showing the latest marketing strategies. These natural supplements are readily available in pharmacies on the high street.


Physical Activity

A daily walk at least 1 mile around your local area gives an opportunity to think in a casual and relaxed manner and enjoy the fresh air and natural scenery. This could even be more effective if walking is combined with listening to a mind performance podcast.

Engaging in active physical exercise like jogging, or even make it interesting by running locally with friends. It will help keep muscles toned and mind healthy, increase a person levels of energy whilst at the same time improving their sleep.

Comfortable workspace like a soft padded chair with suitable back support  placed next to a good height table makes it easy for the computer screen to be at a comfortable line with the eye level. Finally shot and frequent breaks and leg stretches will help keep the blood circulation in the lower limbs.

Hope you enjoy your daily entrepreneurial tasks while you apply our brain and physical performance building tips.

To your success



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