Chrome Browser Extensions For Crafting Perfect BlogPosts

Chrome Browser Extensions for Crafting Perfect Blogposts

writingI would like to share the following resources I have been using to create content and blog posts. These Google chrome extensions could save a lot of time and they are a great addition in your browser. The chrome’s ability to upload different useful extension could help increase productivity in writing. They are quickly accessible whenever they are needed, they are easy to install and free on the Chrome web store.


When creating writing projects where a specific number of words are required, counting word with word counter can easily do the job. Inside Word counter common keywords are shown in the written work. It does check the keyword density on your content although it doesn’t have the same functionality like Seo Pressor. WordCounter has an option for analyzing the difficulty of your article and identifying the level of difficulty your readers may experience on the reading the text. It has a spell check function for fixing those typos before publishing. There is an option you turn on for support of non-latin languages. I like the word density counter as it can tell you which words have been mostly used

2.Pxlr Express

For effective photo editing and effects, Pxlr Express app is my favorite. Image file size can be measured to perfection before uploading on website media space giving content creators a great benefit of saving file size space. With the various functions, a wide choice is given when working on images. The app is compatible with both windows and mac operating systems. It gives you three options Pixlr Editor for meeting your editing needs, Pixlr Express for quick photo editing and for putting a personal touch and Pixlr Omatic useful for putting retro and vintage effects on your photos. A really great tool to express creativity. The app has good support service and easy to follow instructional video tutorials.


Scribe fire an extension for the chrome browser that allows you to write content and post it to your blog with the click of a the button. There is an option that allows publishing posts straight from scribe fire to WordPress blogs once they are connected to scribe fire. Pictures can be cut and pasted on Scribefire when used as an extension of the chrome browser. Sribefire allows editing of html code and markdown. From scribe fire posting is made possible by the connecting the XML-RPC publishing interface to allow remote publishing on WordPress.

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Digital Disruption: 4 Reasons Business Should Embrace Digital Disruption

Digital Disruption: 4 Reasons Why Business Should Embrace Digital Disruption

iphone5layinglt_400x300The convenience Mobile internet usage gives to millions of shoppers means searching the internet with a mobile device has eclipsed the usage of desktops for accessing the internet. The versatile nature and freedom of movement when using these smart devices gives advertisers unlimited potential to reach out to customers anywhere, at the time they like with their favourite devices.


Digital marketers who understand the efficiency of multiple marketing channels have realised the need to sharpen content delivery. They have made their content consumable on various types of channels and highly visible on mobile devices. They have taken up to new content creation tools and formats allowing audiences to easily locate their services. This current wave of change makes digital marketing interesting and unleashes a disruptive effect and accelerates the uprooting of stale and stagnant business practices. It’s inevitable for business to use this transformation period for re-energising and evolving their content marketing according to the needs of modern consumers in the online environment.

Mobile Marketing

A mobile search study by Google reveals that 56% On the go smartphone searches are local searches and 51% In-store smartphone searches are local searches. These statistics give our advertisers a huge potential for audience penetration and the scope for increasing product awareness. The graph below from our mobile planet with Google shows the number of people and demographics of people using smartphones for purchasing goods on the internet.


I think it’s crucial for business to adapt their websites to modern mobile devices to maximise display time of their products and eventually gain a good penetration of the market. Easy to navigate mobile site revealing clear contact numbers or email support allowing potential clients make more product inquiries. Mobile friendly websites give businesses more exposure to visitors searching through mobile internet devices. Ignoring this may cost a 46% loss of potential smartphone purchasers and a large segment of their target market. In the coming few months, a large numbers of business displaying their services on the internet will maximise their mobile channels for reaching out their consumers.


Display advertising has evolved from simple banners to interactive and timely popups and annotations on videos and web pages. Marketers can now reveal highly targeted promotional marketing messages. The display screen is carried everywhere today and it’s always connected to the internet in different sizes on portable devices. In the next few weeks people will be able to access the internet using a wearable device like a watch. Business could be more disruptive and benefit from being more versatile and creative in their display campaigns.

There are tools for measuring the impact of display campaigns like the display benchmarks tool can help a business understand how their display campaigns compare to those across the rest of the ad industry. The tool lets you pull up-to-date industry benchmarks such as click through rates. Things such as interaction rate and time, expansion rate and video completion. Read more about benchmark tool: HERE

digital marketing


Videos could be blended in a disruptive manner to content marketing. Little snippets of quality content put together in an episode of four to five minute videos. Better still this could be done for a brand by celebrities, bloggers and prominent personalities influential in a certain niche.

The ability to make creative videos could promote a more pleasant service delivery in an exciting way the typical consumer likes. Video content could be provided through the use of intelligent metrics and response to consumer needs. Serving the right content at the right place and the right time.

The ability to make creative videos can enhance a more pleasant service delivery in exciting ways the typical consumer likes. Video content could be provided through the use of intelligent metrics and response to consumer needs. Serving the right content at the right place and the right time.

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3 Ways To Revive Business With Digital

revive business and sales with digital, revive business with digital, digital business lounge, digital marketing trainingRevive Business With Digital

Digital strategies have a powerful influence on the expansion of business. It’s important for business to make the right effort to attract the right response and attention from their target market. During the past few months many businesses have become aware of the significance of adapting multiple digital channels to their services. Here are three ways for reviving a business with digital.

Social Response

Many fans and product lovers tend to search for their favourite brand in social media space. Most fans are very likely to share their pleasant experiences about a brand product on social websites. It could be amazing how good listening and the right response of business to it’s customers could increase their popularity. Simple actions like giving promptly answering clients questions, comments and suggestions and giving them solutions will develop fans trust and loyalty to services.

Presentation of service

Connecting digital channels is an effective method to revive business with digital. Taking advantage of digital applications, responsive displays and web pages when presenting products can give a favourable impact on their audience. Any business will benefit more if they are able to display their services on the internet in an adaptable manner for easy access by users of different types of devices to include desktops, smartphones and tablets. Several marketers will be surprised how they could revive their business and sales with the creation of mobile applications and listing them on App Store and Android. The correct presentation of services can attract the right response from buyers if they get easy access to what they need at the right time, on their favourite internet device and at a convenient location.

Regular Content
Writing regular content that responds to clients queries whether made on a website, under video’s or social media page will make a brand’s customers feel valued and listen to and elicit the desired response. Creative content that gives value the audience surely increase engagement, purchases and revive a business with digital.


Digital Increase Profitable Transactions

digitaldisruptionDigital will continue to deliver effective multi-channel communications and more profitable transactions for business this year. The rapid pace at which business evolve and the impact of connecting with multiple channels can cause a digital disruption that attracts consumers and grow business. The past year has seen many conventional set ups benefit from disruptive transformation. It has become inevitable to run an engaging service without making digital transformation centric to core and operational activities.

I like the description below about the compelling nature of digital to business.

Digital is one of the key disruption initiatives being applied by business strategists and enterprise architects to wake-up moribund industries such as financial services, consumer packaged goods and fast moving consumer goods. It promises superior levels of engagement with customers for a fraction of the cost of conventional analog methods, amongst other strategic benefits.

Considering that many of these particular industry sectors spend 5-7% of their gross revenue on marketing and branding activities, it is not hard to see why the disruptive approach of digital is so compelling and attractive to them. 

See more of above at: Information Age 

Digital Transactions

Businesses now understand the interconnected nature of digital channels as dominant platforms for serving customers needs. Marketing teams are taking up this emergent and powerful association between mobile applications and mobile internet devices. This connectivity has made it possible for highly efficient and various modes of communication between brands and their consumers.

The lively world of interconnected services in the internet of things from social platforms, (visual)video publishing sites, search engines and (audio) podcasts can be very pleasing for providers and recipients. The connection of web services to mobile devices on the go has brought a great level of versatility in the manner which business and clients relate.  

Digital has taken over marketing communications and is a driving factor for engagement between brands and consumers. It’s an excellent medium for upholding customer satisfaction today. Both the consumer and service provider are empowered through the convenience and speed at which valuable product data is shared and made available today.

Mobile and social media channels

Below are trends of mobile internet usage and activities of Smartphone usage in the UK over the past month.


The graph above reveals that the two areas most smartphone users visit on the internet are social media websites and video publishing websites. A good indication there is a great potential for video and social media marketing. People are more likely to consume product information visually or in social networks and it’s a good reason for service providers to adapt their approaches on creating strategies that merges both social and mobile efficiently. 





Online Video Advertising

Online video advertising

online video advertising, online video ads, online video marketing, digital business lounge, six figure mentors, vide marketing tipsVideo ads are fast becoming the new medium to grow digital business more than tv, search and other digital ad markets as business insider reveals. Paid video adverts at video publishing sites are easy to customize  and this functionality enable business campaigners to attract the suitable target of audience they aim for. It was discovered that the average CTR(click through rate) of online video ads to be 1.84%, which is the highest of all digital ads formats.

That’s faster than any other medium other than mobile. And much faster than traditional online display advertising, which will only grow at a 3% annual rate. In a new report from BI Intelligence, the key drivers of the skyrocketing growth of video ads were explored and the cost and performance of the emerging digital ad format examined. They looked at the major players that are shaping the industry and found online video ads were growing faster than most other advertising formats and mediums.

Their projection reflects video ad revenue will increase at a three-year compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 19.5% through 2016, according to their estimates which i think makes video marketing a potentially good ad strategy to consider.

A good reason that makes promoting products through video so effective is the popularity of videos and frequent use of video sites by audience. The viewers are more likely to want the product when influenced by a clear formatted video demonstration. BI intelligence has analyzed a report where they found that video ads are becoming more affordable for business owners and many campaigners are encouraged by the steady decline in advert video advertising, online video marketing, video marketing tips, online business, video marketing straregies

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Digital Marketing Strategies Harness Profits

digital advertising agencies, digital marketing, digital marketing strategiesThere are many ways local business could benefit from the emergence of services from digital marketing agencies and companies. The success of practical marketing has become more reliant on theoretical tests, graphs and analytical measurements.

Over the past two years there has been a shift from the manner shops and businesses deliver their service. Companies have experienced a fluctuating levels of influx in footfall on the high street. More emphasis on strategy and doing business on the internet is what more businesses have been focusing on. Selling and marketing systems have evolved, marking the the transition of traditional economy to powerful and limitless digital marketing channels.

People responsible for marketing departments in various business strongholds have realised the power in the disruptive nature of digital marketing and it’s impact on social networking and mobile marketing.

As business become aware of the growth possibilities that digital marketing strategies bring, more are using digital marketing for improving their customer experience. The improved customer experience that comes with digital business systems build real trust and loyalty giving consumers a feeling of satisfaction and thus sustaining trusting relationships between services and their clients.

digital marketing strategies, digital business technologies, digital marketing, digital marketing trainingDigital advertising channels combined with the use of good client relationship marketing software strengthen contacts and turns good initial encounters into happy returning clients for a business.

Current digital business technologies and applications help many businesses stay ahead of competition and embellish those profitable campaigns. As well as editing and sharing information details for their products in a manner easily understood by potential consumers.

Today the ease of access to services may imply that a businesses should make service descriptions and presentations honest and reveal functional aspects of products with clear benefits to their consumers.

Digital Business Websites
Web pages are made adaptable so that they are compatible with an array of mobile and different digital devices used for searching different products on the internet. Flexible webpages make the experience seamless for clients and give them a pleasant access to their searched products allowing a great level of customer satisfaction.

Digital Marketing Targeting
Digital strategies are mapped out to match the quality performance of today’s digital devices and provide a delightful customer experience. With the specific tools the provision of services from a business to it’s target market is delivered efficiently. A digital business should get more out of advertising from displaying products that are in high demand to the right group of audience.

There are quiet a few tools for researching profitable keywords and niches online.It makes the process easy for business owners to unearth fruitful internet markets.





Create Income with Profitable Strategies:Six Figure Mentors

online marketing education, online marketing education programme, six figure mentors, six figure mentors digital business systemSix Figure Mentors digital business system is a powerful online marketing education program. Internet marketers are shown cutting edge strategies to profit with their various online business. A digital business system where business students are taught real skills for creating financial freedom working online. It can be an ideal system for parents and adults planning to use their spare time for activities that build an income. The freedom from financial worry and the release of time to do those personal leisure activities someone would not be able to do with traditional ways of working.


Six Figure Mentors practical skills and tools

The six figure mentors online marketing education programme is currently used by internet marketers to access the best approaches in creating a business online, the right tools for marketing and practical knowledge for lead generation and building a residual and reliable stream of income.

Earning doing what you love

online marketing education programme, online marketing education, six figure mentors, digital business sytem, online marketing, internet marketingThe six figure mentors give mentorships in online business skills showing people strategies for promoting affiliate products. Students learn the most current online business strategies to further their passions. The skills help them not only to build their online business but to show others how to do same whilst doing what they love. People starting an online business are given tested and tailored resources taking them on the fastest route to building a solid authority blog.


Marketing a business at Six Figure Mentors

Entreprenuers at the six figure mentors accumulate internet business skills like, how to build landing pages, adding content to their websites and applying the latest techniques for Internet marketing. Marketing experts share the most current strategies in social media marketing and effective methods for advertising websites. Members of are given access to a back office fully equipped with modern tools for building an solid business online.

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Putting in the neccessary work and taking guided action by applying step by step tutorials and instructions from leading online business experts. Dedicated learners acquire efficient strategies and adopt productive habits e.g


  • learning steps to create a solid business that releases their financial freedom
  • knowing what practical resources are essential and where to get them
  • gain crucial knowledge in what to do to work towards their goal
  • make new discoveries on right attitudes and profitable business strategies


Making use of the resources and committing to their online marketing education programme will enable budding business owners to adapt and create income building digital lifestyles of their  the Six Figure Mentors.

Quality Resources Genuinely Empower Newbies

bnfghdfStarting a business online can be confusing without a good guide, honest advice and proper planning. A person researching how to create an income online may search using terms like HOW TO MAKE MONEY NOW especially when they want to generate cash fast. The reality is one needs to learn the skills to build a business online. There is no shortcut or magic to this goal. On this post I will be sharing some ideas on how aspiring web business owners can start the right away creating a business online.

Starting a business

Starting a business online for the first time may leave many at their most vulnerable state. It’s a time where people could be sold short by false systems. It’s very important to conduct some type of research and remain mindful of scams as there are a very few brilliant systems out there that teach genuine strategies to create income.

There are quality resources for creating a real business that are sold on the internet but, unfortunately, some products simply don’t deliver. It can be tricky for many people when starting an online business, as many have limited knowledge and may fall for demanding and draining ventures.

Researching genuine courses

Quality training systems genuinely empower students and give the right resources to achieve their business goals. It is wise to make a good deal of research through reading a lot of positive reviews and testimonials as it will help you spot those rare quality training systems.

A Mistake To Avoid

black-man-holding-lightbulb-051214A person may take on many training systems at the same time causing them become disenchanted. The scattered efforts end up in weakened campaigned and little impact in their business. This could lead to an aspiring business owner giving up before their work and investment show returns. Many abandon their projects and later end up wondering what would  have developed from them.

Good practice with quality resources

Business owners should be dedicated and committed to one proven training program and be diligent until they see results. Smart internet entrepreneurs will concentrate their efforts on one or two authority websites and update them with quality content frequently. A good practice is to channel all work and efforts to one place until they see positive results

Another brilliant habit is to become a member of a reliable online community. The income from starting a business online the right way may be rewarding. It is possible today with the right resources and real training systems. right resources and real training systems.

Secrets To Creating Affiliate Marketing Income

affiliate marketing, word press 101, online business, digital business lounge, dbl, affiliate marketing tools, online business toolsCreating affiliate marketing websites may be lucrative with the digital business lounge software. It os jammed packed with cutting edge digital marketing resources and some feature that could help a business draw a large audience. Read more about the benefits of creating websites with this platform.

Simplicity and Resourcefulness
At times internet entrepreneurs may get easily overwhelmed by the large amount of internet marketing data on the internet. Such people will save time using digital business lounge software for internet marketers offering the most current web marketing strategies. Many have already found this simplicity and productivity are the main aspects that makes this website building software efficient.

Becoming Resourceful
Critical to internet marketing is applying resourceful web marketing strategies, which is the ability of finishing several marketing tasks within a short space time. The DBL is unlike many content building programs due it’s very responsive WordPress 101 platform giving affiliate marketing a lot of different options with a large choice of website templates to choose from. These strategies will be able to help you in times of need.

Create Outstanding Content
Not only is it possible to build a solid affiliate business with the latest web marketing aids within the digital business lounge, but a business owner can accumulate valuable long-term assets with each word press 101 site you build. I would like to stress though, that whatever type of business is created using digital business lounge, it will take a serious investment of time, capital and concentrated efforts. Efforts that are focused on delivering good value and quality will accomplish growth for any affiliate marketing business.

Digital Business Lounge Trends
To keep up with the trends in your affiliate marketing , Follow the short informative courses  inside the DBL and use the great analytics resource inside digital business lounge. The analytics resource will help with simple tracking, split testing and funnel tracking making sure you pick out the profitable. The digital writers source can revive the content on webpages and help them stay current and interesting. A learner can keep their style modern whilst at the same time developing your writing.

Boost Affiliate Marketing Capabilities
digital business lounge, affiliate, marketing, The software could help website owners to keep up to the demanding pace of maintaining fresh blogs and may increase affiliate marketing capabilities. It has a range of tools to optimise video marketing, content creation, measuring client activity on webpages, convert long links into efficient affiliate links. The DBL gives you access to your unlimited websites and functions with one secure password.

The signs of a website running an effective online marketing program include the promotion of quality resources and products for affiliate marketing. Purchasing the digital business lounge will enrich affiliate marketers with the latest digital marketing tools, and they could also promote this quality internet marketing product. The DBL does not only give the best time saving resources, but could help one develop a strong online business. It’s really easy build websites and apply affiliate marketing strategies with the digital business lounge.

3 Tools For Sharpening List Building

3 Tools for sharpening list building
email, list building, my lead bar, simple lead capture page, the six figire mentors, internet marketing, businesssThe main thing i like about communicating by email is the ability of your message to inspire and influence people in a positive way. Many people come across some issues, and to write a theme that relieves their problems can be very useful. A blog as well as writing valuable emails are great methods for sharing info that give people new ideas to successfully manage different challenges.

This week i have been using app sumo to make my messages stand out from my blog. It’s a free wordpress plugin that could be used to show messages on the home page of your blog. Once you register with app sumo there are clear and simple to follow videos showing how to install the wordpress plugging on your website.

SumoMe wordpress plugin could be a great tool to maximise list building efforts. What i like about the plugin is that it’s easy to customise and to use when creating tailor made messages for your targeted audience. The useful bit is the list builder section in SumoMe which can be easily connected to your email auto-responder.

It works with popup that appears at the right time when someone visits and again when they leave the home page. There is an option to choose the position where the pop ups appears on the webpage. This can maximise the collection of email details on your blog.

2.Simple Lead Capture

Finally internet marketers can improve their list building efforts with a free, easy and efficient tool for creating their landing pages. Simple lead capture page is easily adaptable to the colour schemes of many webpages and messages can be written in a way that appeals to the targeted audience.

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3.My leadbar wordpress plugin

The action of building relationships with your customers can be boosted by using the my leadbar wordpress plugin that could increase a business owner’s engagement with their website visitors. With my lead bar plugin clients who leave their contact details will receive free 7 days marketing bootcamp videos from the six figure mentors to help them build their online business.